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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Hi there! We are the Eco Warriors from Wyburns Primary School. We love being Eco friendly in our school and our community. Our project last year was to help people in our community travel sustainably. This went really well and lots of children and adults in our school family now choose to bike or walk when travelling- we even got our picture in the paper and won an award from Modeshift travel!

This year we have decided to take our Eco mission even bigger and better than ever before. We want to get more green fingered. This is something that we feel as a school and community we are not very good at. We all like growing plants and learning from them- however our school does not have an area suitable for this. We have an abandoned garden at the front of our school which we could turn into a fantastic growing space if we had the funds, as well as our time and effort to do so. One of our teachers tried to grow tomato plants with her class last year, she didn't plant them soon enough as there wasn't anywhere we could go to keep an eye on them so we didn't even try one tomato! We think they would have been very tasty. If we had a growing space, that we will look after, imagine the different types of food we could try!

Our vision is to create our very own community allotment, where parents and community members will be welcomed into our school to help us grow our own fruit and vegetables. These will be used in our school meals as well as at snack and break times for children. This is going to get the whole school outdoors regularly and we will be able to grow healthy fruits and vegetables to help us grow big and strong. It is so important to be healthy so we can be at our best to in our lessons.

We love to go outdoors and get ourselves muddy but at the moment the area isn't safe for us to be in. The green house is falling down, it is very overgrown and and we have no gardening or storage equipment. We really need to organise the garden into beds ready for each class to grow their own choices of plants; the greenhouse needs restoring and we need garden tools and somewhere to store them safely.

This area will really help us to work together as a team in our classes as well as a whole school. We will invite people from our community in to give us advice and help us to create our vision. We enjoy hands-on practical activities whatever the weather at our school and really think this will help us make more stronger friendships in different year groups. We enjoy meeting other parents and adults in the community who enjoy the same things as us- like gardening. We feel as Eco Warriors that when you are given the chance to do something, it can be brilliant and bring the whole school together. We really hope you can support our worthwhile cause that we believe will improve our health and environment.

Wyburns Primary School

Moment of Pride

At Wyburns Primary School we pride ourselves on child-led and child initiated learning. This project was solely the idea of our Eco Warriors, who are the driving force behind our Eco School. This all the more powerful because the children chose and believe it is an important project.

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