Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Our club is run by volunteers and we pride ourselves on keeping our membership and training fees to a minimum to allow all youngsters a chance to get involved. As we move forwards and progress with our skill levels, we are needing more coaching and are incurring more costs to enter our athletes into competitions at regional and national levels. By looking for funding to cover these costs, we can maintain the low amount we charge our athletes and, therefore, make sure that no-one is excluded because of their financial position.

North Norfolk Harriers Athletics Club

Moment of Pride

We are proud of our club because we started it from scratch with very little knowledge or help and we have managed to maintain a high number of athletes who attend on a weekly basis. In fact, we are so successful that we have had to put a waiting list in place at times since we started.

Location: Holt, Norfolk, United Kingdom