Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


LOGIC is an initiative of St. John's Parish Church, Moira and was set up in 2001. LOGIC is all about establishing relationships, building on friendships and setting a good example through our actions and words, we do this by providing top quality youth and community work within our village. We offer an exciting programme of events and activities aimed at encouraging young people off the streets and directing their energy and enthusiasm towards personal development and improved social skills. One of our main focuses is to provide an attractive alternative to those young people who are engaged in anti-social behaviour and underage drinking – both of which are prevalent in Moira. LOGIC is run by a team of committed men and women who have a heart for young people. Over 250 children and young people benefit directly from the work that we do each week.

In response to the needs of children, young people and their parents, LOGIC offers a wide range of activities, we also run four separate week long activity schemes one at Easter, two during the Summer and one in October, an annual 5 day summer residential in Scotland, a live music event during the October half term and a number of trips throughout the year. We organise the Moira Christmas Light Switch On each year with help from our young people, and also have a Youth Advisory Committee made up from young people who are keen to get involved and shape the future of the centre.

Our programmes and activities have been designed to:
• Reduce antisocial behaviour in the Moira area by providing an exciting alternative to the drink and drug culture that is prevalent today.
• Give young people the chance to experience things that they otherwise may not have had the opportunity of experiencing due to social or economic constraints.
• Develop young leaders who have integrity and strength of character.
• Provide young people with the information that they need in order to make positive informed life choices and decisions.
• Introduce young people to a healthy active lifestyle.
• Promote community spirit and team work amongst the young people that we work with.
• Assist young people to develop life skills that will be useful for future employment and adulthood.
• See membership grow.

We are seeking financial assistance to assist with the costs of delivering this exciting programme of events and activities for our young people. The implementation of our project will enhance the development of our young peoples’ personal, physical, social and spiritual growth through; participation, acceptance and understanding of others, the testing of their own values and beliefs, peer support, positive mentoring and the opportunity to grow as young leaders. All of these outcomes will help improve the young peoples’ self confidence, self esteem and social skills as well as helping them with some of their behavioural issues. This year we carried out a survey of our young people (106 of our members completed a form), we found that most those surveyed (90 young people) stated that they attended LOGIC to see their friends, closely followed by 64 young people stating they attend LOGIC to socialise. Of those who completed the survey, 78% attend LOGIC one or two times per week, with 16% attending more than 3 times per week. 19% of respondents stated that they had been involved in antisocial behaviour such as nuisance and harassment in relation to alcohol, drugs, vandalism, noise, getting in trouble with the police etc. 84% of the young people who took part in the survey agreed that attending LOGIC kept them from becoming involved in antisocial behaviour as they could meet their friends and that LOGIC gives them a positive alternative to hanging about the streets.


• Reduction in antisocial behaviour and crime amongst yp in the Moira area
• Provision of a facility where young people feel safe, cared for and loved
• Provision of positive role models
• Promotion of health living
• Developing young leaders who display integrity and strength of character

Location: Moira