Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


As an innovative and progressive provision here at Hope School and College we have always taken great pride in the support, guidance and challenges we instil for all our pupils and students to achieve their fullest potential in striving for an independent, happy and fulfilling future as possible.
We constantly evaluate and challenge our provision and practices to open the relevant doors and enable students the opportunities they all fully deserve and in doing so if we find there is no clear pathway then we can look to create these ourselves through clear vision, enthusiasm and raising aspirations for our students and their families.
In evaluating past transition routes for our students Post 19 we have highlighted that there has been limited success for students following employment routes. This we have found is because currently there is a gap in provision for students training for employment Post 19 and for this reason, as well as in response to parental concerns we aim to pilot a 19 -25 pathway in which we can train students and equip them with the relevant skills and confidence for future employment.
The Hamlet offers term time day provision for young adults from 19-25 which additional needs who on admission are independently competent and are striving to aim for possible voluntary or full time un-supported employment in the future.
Our aim is to embrace and offer the community an enhanced and socially friendly offer whilst also providing a unique opportunity in which young adults can experience and train in skills equipping them for life.
This service will enable :
· an innovative approach to the provision for young adults with additional needs
· The Hamlet will be integral in integrating young people within their local area, supporting them to work, develop and progress both within and as part of the wider community
· The Hamlet to give back to the community a redeveloped site at Three Sisters which can also provide a variety of interactive services and provision for the community whilst also offering young adults the experience and opportunity of the world of work.
In addition the cafe will offer :
- Café for local and wider community – walkers / social meeting place / angling club
- Centre for local schools / groups to integrate and use in relation to school/curriculum projects
- Conference / Meeting Room - provision for meetings / gatherings – Council meetings / L.A. meetings / Community groups ( Promoting Health and Well- Being i.e. Yoga Clubs / Slimming World venue / Art groups / etc etc )
- Annual events ; i.e. Christmas Markets / Spring Fair / Summer Concerts
Aims and Objectives :
· To create a vocational working community made up of ‘individual businesses’ built around a central café hub
· To promote ‘community’ ethos and values where young adults can build on existing strengths to learn, develop and embed new skills in a safe, structured and caring environment.
· To develop and promote our ‘businesses’ around staff expertise who can provide.
We believe we are offering a provision that both supports our students to learn the necessary skills needed for employment but offering a much needed cafe in a lovely recreational area in Wigan that is used by the wider community.

The Hamlet 19-25

Moment of Pride

This is a very exiting provision following on from an outstanding Special School. It is extremely unique in what it is offering its students. Currently in the north west there isn't a provision that trains up young adults with additional needs ready for employment in a safe and secure environment.

Location: Wigan