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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Pan Together run a community centre in East Newport, Isle of Wight. We have a community cafe, large training kitchen, IT suite and 2 community rooms.

The One Stop Shop is a service open to all members of the East Newport community primarily, plus the wider community. East Newport is in the 10% most deprived areas in the country. Please see link Postcode PO30 2AX (Statistics from

East Newport ranks in the 10% most deprived for Income, Employment, Education, Skills and
Training, Income Deprivation affecting Children, and in 20% most deprived for Income
Deprivation affecting Older People and Health Deprivation and Disability.

The One Stop Shop is a weekly event held in our community centre, whereby people can come in for training of all sorts, gain advice from different organisations and generally get help with any problem they may have. They can also find out about volunteering within our community cafe and within the community centre.

We can particularly help those who have low expectations, lack of skills and training and we will work with those who have alcohol or drug problems.

Through our easy to access courses held in a friendly environment, we aim to give people confidence to try other courses, we will offer help with job searching and volunteering and we work in partnership with many organisations to support people with different needs.

We work with Prison Officer Association Learning to deliver Maths, English, IT and other courses. We also work with Wheatsheaf Trust and Learning Links to offer courses for those with learning disabilities and poor mental health.

In our IT suite we offer different IT courses tailored to the individual, including courses for over 50's, help with job hunting, emailing and keeping safe online.

We are also starting to work in partnership with Sovereign Housing to offer CSCS courses at the centre and would like to expand on this.

One of our most successful courses is Cooking on a Budget, held in our training kitchen. Many of those who attend have been socially isolated, been in abusive relationships or had alcohol or drug problems. This course is designed to give people confidence, help them to socialise and talk about their problems, and it culminates in a Food Hygiene Certificate. Many of the attendees are inspired to volunteer within our cafe or source further training at the centre, and ultimately go on to paid employment.

Funding will help us to be able to continue to offer all our courses and advice sessions, plus we want to build on this so that we can offer many more. We also want to provide vocational courses such as flower arranging, craft etc, and more in the way of cookery courses to utilise our training kitchen, such as Cooking for One. We have a Crochet Cafe which has recently started whereby older members of the community teach crochet to the young mums, and this is something we also want to expand on.

Our community centre is a hub for the local area, and the more we can offer people in training, education and self-improvement in a friendly and non-threatening environment, the more the local residents will gain in confidence and realise that they have a lot to offer, that they can achieve and can improve their lives.

Pan Together

Moment of Pride

We are proud that we started as a small organisation in a 2 room portakabin over 10 years ago and now run a large community centre and have become a charity. What makes us most proud is our volunteers, many of whom have overcome problems in their lives and who give so much to the local residents.

Location: Furrlongs, Newport, UK