Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


. For the Advancement of Animal Welfare
. To help Cats in need
. To help owners needing to rehome their feline pets without judgement
. To educate the public to neuter/spay/microchip Cats
. To help the public with costs of neutering/spaying/microchiping
. To Vet treat any reported injured cat where an owner can not be found
. Provide a scanning procedure to check found Cats for a microchip to reunite
. Collect with empathy reported RTA Cats, take to safeholding to offer closure to an owner
. Advertise and leaflet the local area of where a found “stray” Cat was found
. Rehome Cats after the legal length of time of original owners not coming forward
. Setting up traps and monitoring them on private land to catch reported Cats in need
. Fundraise to help cover the cost of Veterinary Care
. Fundraise to help cover cost of equipment, heating, cctv & deep cleasning of rescue cabins
. Fundraise to help cover cost of maintenance of the buildings
. Ensure the health, care, neuter and spay of cats and kittens are of acceptable standard
. Offer training, talks, meetings about the well being/behaviour of Cats
. Carry out Homechecks to ensure all Cats are adopted by good members of public
. Ensure Health & Safety procedures are adhered to by all Volunteers
. Carry out Risk Assessments for each mission

Portsmouth Cats Lost, Found & Rehomed

Moment of Pride

We are a voluntary team in Portsmouth, whose passion is the welfare of Cats. Reuniting lost and found cats, by scanning them for a microchip at all hours. Rescuing cats in need, treating injured or sick cats. We have reunited 200 cats in 2018 and rehomed 195.

Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK