Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The Horsham and Shipley Community Project is developing a range of largely outdoors activities aimed mainly at the older population to encourage physical exercise and social interaction.
We have a veteran’s football team (over 35’s) and have established a walking football team ( ages 55 to 80+) established the Shipley Pétanque Club, and built and opened a Men’s Shed.
We have built a football pitch that requires safety fencing before we can fully use it, and we need to stock our new wood store with timber for the Men’s Shed.
The project has drawn a significant number of people from their homes to work and play in a fun , safe, healthy and supportive environment.
We support participants and visitors who have medical issues ( including Parkinson’s disease and Stroke) and are working with Age UK and Alzheimer’s Society to provide opportunities for older folk to come along and participate.
We have turned a sloping area of wasteland into a purpose built , drained pitch , suitable for youth , small sided football , walking football and as a training pitch.
However to get full use of it we have planning permission to erect four metre catch nets at one end ( to stop the ball going into the road). We now intend to install these nets at a cost of approximately £9000.
With the nets erected we can widen the reach of our project to youngsters and invite local junior football teams to use our facilities. We will also then be able to use the pitch for training for the Vet’s team and for the walking football.

The Men’s Shed have now been operational for a couple of years . They built their own club house and now help us maintain the site but mainly spend their time making items from wood for their own use and also for sale ( bird and bat boxes, children’s toys, shoe shine kits, tables and benches etc etc) with the proceeds going back in to the kitty .
The social interaction between these guys, as they share their issues and problems , and find solutions as they work together, is inspirational.
The Men's Shed is now fully equipped but to be able to fully function we need to make sure we have a suitable stock of wood and timber available. This is crucial to the longevity of the project as £1000 would enable us to buy sufficient stock of wood and timber to enable the guys to then make products for sale to help them become self sufficient .
To get these projects underway will then enable us to seek further ways of helping and supporting people in other activities. We have lots of ideas.
We have had some wonderful good news stories as new friends reacquaint themselves with old skills ( be they football or woodwork) and share them in a friendly jovial atmosphere .

A vote for the Horsham and Shipley Community Project will help us to continue to meet the objective of getting folk out of their homes to join us in healthy outdoor pursuits and to be a part of something special.


Moment of Pride

The charity is run by a committed group of Trustees , and each section of the project is led by enthusiastic, capable and willing volunteers all driven to ensure the project provides active fun opportunities for local participants and all proud to be involved with such an exciting initiative.

Location: Dragons Lane, Horsham, UK


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