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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


In 2020 it will be the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower ship's journey to the New World.
Be transported back to Southampton in 1620 as you enter the big top to watch Mayflower: Journey of Hope.
This production will focus on the settlers, the separatists, the sailors and servants and how their stories crossover as they set to embark on this journey of discovery to a brave new world.

Using drama, music, dance and creative technology we will tell the story of the Mayflower ship and its pioneering passengers as they set sail from Southampton.

E-Quip Arts has a history of putting on large scale productions. We seek to use the performing arts to engage with people from all walks of life. We look to draw people together and provide opportunities for those who ordinarily may not get the chance to be part of the arts, learning new skills and growing in confidence along the way. We work with schools and community groups, churches and other Christian organisations. We seek to use the performing arts to raise self esteem and build confidence in individuals and our goal is to enable grounded birds to fly.

We are currently part of a city wide discussion on how to commemorate the event. Our plan is to put on an innovative show, performing to thousands of people over the course of a show week, to commemorate and raise awareness of this landmark journey and the history of our great city.
We are part of City-wide discussions with Southampton City Council, The Southampton Cultural Development Trust, and other key partners and venues, to coordinate Southampton's offering to this key point in history. We wish to provide an educational platform to bring the arts to the people, in a non-traditional theatre setting. This will all feed into a larger calendar of events in 2020 taking place throughout the year in multiple locations that have historical links to the Mayflower such as Plymouth, Leiden, and various places in the US.

This show will engage thousands of people locally with hundreds directly involved in the production.

This production will improve the lives of our amateur cast by reducing isolation, teaching new skills and developing confidence. When working with a cast for these sorts of productions we regularly see new friendships formed and people grow in confidence.

The production will also create a number of project related, short term, employment opportunities as well as voluntary roles and intern positions for students wanting to develop vocational skills related to the arts and theatre.

This production will expose the wider community to the arts while teaching them about the history of Southampton.

What we will do with the funding?

As you can imagine, writing, planning, rehearsing and putting on large scale productions such as this takes months of hard work and a lot of expense. We have already started writing and planning the show for 2020 and will need to raise in the region of £100,000 between now and the show date to make this show happen. We need your help to bring this show to life.
Our shows typically engage 200 members of cast and crew and typically over 2,000 hours of writing, planning and rehearsing goes into them. Without the support of people who are passionate about the arts we could not put on productions of this scale.

Why should you vote for us?

This project is truly for everyone. By voting for us we will be able to support local people to build new friendships, learn new skills, offer employment opportunities, and we will put on a large scale event that will be free for the general public to attend.
Southampton has a rich and fascinating history with the Mayflower story. It has been said that more than 20 million Americans can trace their history to the Mayflower ship. This is an important story that needs to be told well to the people of Southampton and beyond.

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E-Quip Arts

Moment of Pride

Working with so many people from all walks of life to put on a show that the whole city of Southampton can enjoy for free is something we will be very proud of.

Location: Southampton


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