Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000

Supported by: Plester Group


The Albrighton Moat and Gardens has been offering educational and recreational activities for people disadvantaged by disability, special needs and ill health for over 26 years; everyone is welcomed and supported whatever their capability. Over the years the charity has built up its capabilities to offer the services they do by growing a committed team of volunteers whose positivity and generosity towards others has a significant impact on the people they work with.
The site has developed from a disused farmers field to natural and landscaped gardens that have won an ‘outstanding’ award in the Heart of England in Bloom competition for the past 7 years; it has taken hard work and determination to achieve what they have, but it has only been achieved by involving their volunteers and supported volunteers in the development. The charity has worked tirelessly to attract wildlife to their site by introducing ponds, wildflower beds and insect habitats.

The aim is to construct a large wheelchair accessible wildlife observation platform along the waterside where children with disabilities can observe and discover the natural habitat of a diverse range of creatures and fauna that live along the waterside; they can observe and discover along with their more mobile peers. The observation platform needs to be large enough to erect wildlife observation ‘hides’ suitable for people who use wheelchairs. A donation of £5000 would go a long way towards the £5,900 the charity needs for the observation platform. This could make a massive difference to this small charity.

Watersides are fascinating habitats for a large number of different plants and animals and children learn a great deal about the local ecology by exploring, discovering and identifying. The charity wants all children who visit their site to have an equal opportunity to discover and learn. Research has shown that children who engage with the natural environment at an early age are more likely to have a responsible attitude towards the environment and its conservation in later life.
The objectives are: -
Improved genitive development by improving awareness, reasoning and observational skills.
Children are more knowledgeable about the relations plant and animals have with one another and the environment.
Children have formed an emotional and meaningful bond with a natural space, which in turn provide positive effects of self-identity and esteem.
Children who have developed environmental values to become the future stewards of the Earth who will preserve the diversity and wonder of nature.

The accessible observation platform will be invaluable to the charity’s ‘Wildlife Access for All’ project that is introductory wildlife/conservation awareness, promoting biodiversity, conservation and local wildlife habitats. The charity is committed to demonstrating care of biodiversity is vital. It is important to protect wildlife and wild places not only for their own sake, but also to sustain our own future well-being The charity has nest box and feeding station cameras in place that are linked to the ICT equipment in their training and resource centre; using computer technology equipment for visitors to observe the nesting, hatching and fledgling without disturbing or causing distress to the wildlife. The observation platform will do the same for observation of water base wildlife such as ducks, moor hens etc, observation will be from a safe enough distance away so as not to cause anxiety in nests.

The Albrighton Trust

Moment of Pride

The charity is a voluntary organisation not in receipt of statutory funding; I have the privilege of attending many of their fundraising events and met trustees, staff & volunteers who work tirelessly to provide positive, meaningful activities for people with a wide range of disabilities & illness.

Location: West Midlands, UK