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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Aylesbury Grammar School PTA would like to help fund the purchase of a new scrummage machine. The machine is essential for the well-being of the boys (we are an all-boys school), teaching them the correct positions to protect their backs and scrummage safely. The PE department has requested funding as our existing machine has seen better days and badly needs replacing. We feel that a scrummage machine is a vital piece of safety training equipment that helps both the health and well-being of boys in the scrum. A new machine will cost around £1,700 and we are seeking a £1,000 grant to help with this purchase.

Aylesbury Grammar School (AGS) is a state school which relies on funding and PTA contributions to assist with the 'non day-to-day essential provision' for our pupils, and the wider community who use our premises.

With budgets being cut, the help that outside funding can provide is essential. The PTA try and help provide equipment, which cannot be funded through normal budgets. We believe that sport is one way that helps the boys stay fit, safe and engaged. It provides opportunities for the boys to enrich, support and inspire each other, helping to develop crucial skills for their lives ahead. AGS has a long history of sporting success and our active house system, combined with inter-school competitions, helps develop teamwork, initiative and resilience, and nurtures a strong community spirit. In addition, rugby exposes the boys to wider opportunities as many represent their counties and various academies such as Wasps, Saints and Saracens.

We want the boys to be fit and safe. This money will help fund a vital training aid and would not be funded by the normal day-to-day budget of the school.

AVIVA's consideration to this application is greatly appreciated and we hope the pictures demonstrate the need. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aylesbury Grammar School PTA

Moment of Pride

We are proud to support the healthy and safe lifestyle of our young men. Sports and fitness are key essential parts to building respect, teamwork, support for each other, keeping fit, healthy and having an enthusiasm for life, as well as developing crucial skills for their lives ahead.

Location: Aylesbury