Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Sober Social is an innovative and completely fresh take on recovery, aiming to support everyone and anyone in overcoming a dependency on alcohol and other drugs.

We want to take our work outside so that we aren't just helping those who need our services, but we're making Doncaster a better place!

We aim to do this by acquiring some allotment spaces in the local community and developing them to be self-sustaining areas of the local environment including generating organic vegetables that can be shared across the community and used to make healthy soups, pies and other goodies.

We believe this project will have excellent benefits for the people of Doncaster. The social and wellbeing aspect of the project as undeniable, gardening is a proven form of exercise and mindfulness. Beyond that though, and a greater focus for us, we want to improve Doncaster as a place to live.

Doncaster has taken some slack in recent years and no less so due to the increase in the visible abuse of alcohol and other drugs in public spaces. We believe that by investing time and energy into a vibrant outdoor gardening community, led primarily by the very people who might previously have been damaging the environment, we'll be able to create a space that is inclusive of everyone and produces some lovely food in the meantime.

This money and any support we receive will enable us to acquire the spaces, provide the equipment and seeds and provide support to ensure that the project is sustainable and can continue throughout the life cycle of the things we grow. We hope that the project will be able to continue through the community it develops and would invite anyone interested to get involved.

If you are passionate about helping people, the environment and making Doncaster a better place then please do vote for us.

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Moment of Pride

The transformational journey that people experience when they come to us is second to none. To see someone at the start of their journey with little hope, confidence or energy would be heartbreaking if it weren't balanced out by the tremendous and thriving person that leaves us at the end.

Location: Doncaster