Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are a community organisation formed to support our rural community of Pott Shrigley, it’s village hall and the organisations that function from there. Our village hall is the central hub to our village of 289 people and the surrounding areas.
We offer the hall for hire for birthday parties and events, it is used as a government voting station, rose queen fete, parish council meetings, dance groups, the village church, play groups and weddings.
Once a month we open the village bar in the hall and all come together as a community.
There is a small school that uses the space during the day time hours, the school has been running for 525 years, and has 30 children that attend. Then evenings and weekends is used by a wide variety of small groups.

We would love to install some safe outdoor seating for the village children to use. We would like to buy a 100% recycled plastic permanent safe structure with seating for 18 children and an adult that will further encourage our village hall as a central location for the surrounding families to meet. We think it is so important to create outdoor spaces to be appealing to children, as a space in which they can learn and discover and meet together.

With the demise of support for smaller rural communities and the decline of shops trading from these areas, our village halls become so important to maintain and keep open.
Currently, there is nothing installed in the playground, it is just a concreted area.

Pott Shrigley Village Hall

Moment of Pride

I am so proud of a village that can pull together for the good of the community. That is passionate about the provision of all who live in the village. So many people volunteering their space time to meet and fundraise and enable families and older groups of people to not be cut off or feel isolated

Location: Pott Shrigley