Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000

Supported by: Gallagher


The sensory Zone is extremely popular with local families, in addition to the workshops and sensory room we have other professionals accessing the room to deliver care e.g an audiologist based in Bristol uses the room every other Thursday to hold appointments for 9 local families offering pre and post operation care for children and babies with cochlear implants. This enables the families to bring the children for their appointment, park outside and avoid lengthy journeys, car park fees and long waits in the hospital environment which many babies and young children can find traumatic.

Due to the delivery of workshops and groups like the audiologist we are experiencing problems with storage for pushchairs as there is nowhere outside under cover and there is not the space in the room for more than one to be stored. This means parents are forced to leave them outside, even in wet conditions . Although the sensory zone is not exclusively for children with additional needs we do have many children that need equipment to help them get around such as buggies or wheelchairs.

We would like to build a conservatory on to the entrance of the sensory zone which will double up as a store for buggy's and wheelchairs and a creative room to enable us to deliver additional workshops to more families.

The addition of the conservatory will ensure all children and families are included in the workshops and group sessions available at The Sensory Zone all year round regardless of weather conditions. It will also enable us to extend the existing groups offered to include more creative activities which many children do not have access to at home.

The Sensory Zone

Moment of Pride

This is the only facility in the local area that can offer the benefits of sensory stimulation and resources, at no cost, to all families of children regardless of their individual needs. There is no charge to join or access the Sensory Zone, which is run entirely on donations and fundraising events

Location: Tewkesbury GL20 8TU, UK