Skills for life

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We would like money to significantly improve the ICT equipment at Appley Bridge All Saints CofE School, a small village primary school in West Lancashire with 170 pupils. We require around £8,700 to replace 16 archaic laptops and to buy a new mobile laptop charging trolley and two HD screens for classrooms.

The laptops in our school haven’t been upgraded for many years. The technology is seriously outdated and woefully slow, meaning that the children can’t fully access the learning opportunities across all curriculum areas (not just computing) which new machines would offer them. They take ages to start-up and shut down (on average 10-15 minutes), wasting valuable lesson time …extrapolated over the school year, almost 15,000 minutes (or 50 school days!) of lesson time is missed waiting for machines to boot up or shut down. Battery life is also severely depleted: the laptops can only be used for 10-20 minutes before they need to be plugged in, which limits where children can access ICT in school.

In addition to school attendees having access to the computers, we have a before/after school club, thriving Rainbows, Brownies and Guide groups and other community groups who could benefit from an improved IT suite at the school. We host ‘Open Session’ on Friday afternoons where parents and carers come into school and join our children in their learning. During these sessions, parents and grandparents would be able to use the technology to learn how to better participate in the digital world and how they can support their children with their learning at home, e.g. computer coding, a greater part of today’s curriculum wasn’t taught to previous generations.

We would love to be able to offer a wider variety of activities for parents and carers to attend. The current age of the school’s technology restricts our ability to do this. If we were lucky enough to secure this grant, we would be able to deliver Access Courses (run in-house/ by Lancashire Adult Learning) to help support local adults improve their computer skills to embed IT use into their everyday life – communication, banking, hobbies and employment.

We would also like to replace two old Interactive Whiteboards with HD screens with much better picture quality. The current screens have very poor image quality and regularly display faults e.g. not connecting properly, calibration issues etc. The installation of two new screens would mean that modelling computing skills could be done much more effectively.

We have a very supportive community who fundraise for smaller scale projects but the current financial climate in education is challenging, with real term cuts to budgets year on year and increasing demands on our funding. We simply do not have the money to spend on large scale projects like this.

A high-quality computing education equips pupils with life skills which support them throughout their education and improves lifelong career prospects. They become digitally literate enabling them to be active participants in our digital world.

We hope you can see how important this project is to us and would very much welcome Aviva’s support in helping us deliver a first-class computing experience to our children and local community.

A-ppley Bridge All Saints is a
V-ery friendly school. But
I-ts computers are
V-ery, v—e—r—y slow
A-nd need an upgrade.

H-eads in hands, whilst we wait for the computers to load (again!).
E-xceedingly frustrating, time-wasting and we’re
L-osing interest. Finally online and ready to learn, but “Quick! Find a
P-lug socket, low battery!”

U-nhappy children, exasperated teachers, missed opportunities.
S-omeone help us please by donating some

P-ounds to buy us new kit and turn our frowns upside down.
L-earning will be fun again for us and our community.
E-mailing Grannies and Googling Grandads, we’ll help them all!
A-viva you’ll be our hero if you support our
S-chool, so please pick us and you’ll be
E-xtremely cool!

Friends of All Saints School, Appley Bridge

Moment of Pride

There is a lovely family feel to our school. The children always greet visitors with a smile and friendly “Hello”. It is a genuinely nice place to spend time. The dedicated volunteers of the Friends of All Saints want to provide our children with the best opportunities and keep them smiling!

Location: Appley Bridge