Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Levenshulme Community Festival will bring together people from the local community inviting them to Stop. Notice. Create! The festival will take place at a wide range of local venues from mosques to schools, encouraging people to meet their neighbours, learn new tools for wellbeing and have fun together!

The festival will help to reduce social isolation and stress, increasing happiness and health, helping people to feel more connected in their community whilst improving physical health, mental health and wellbeing. Encouraging people to come together, with compassion, is at the heart of this community event.

We envisage a wide range of workshops, events, exhibitions and classes offering opportunities to stop and connect to the world and people around us. To notice the internal landscape of the body and mind whilst developing awareness of the environment we are in.

Once noticed we can act on our own personal call to action and make something from our own creativity that may have been locked away under layers of stress and isolation. Levenshulme is home to a diverse community of people, many of whom face issues of poverty, social deprivation and isolation, and joy can be hard to find. We want to change that!

To do this in the weeks and months leading up to the festival we will bring together a number of local organisations, building partnerships with organisations including local schools, Levenshulme Market, Levenshulme Youth Project, the Traders Association and local places of worship.

With events such as ‘Our Bee Trail’ building on the success of the recent Manchester Bees project (one of which we consulted and designed on), we will invite local residents and businesses to make in our workshops, their very own Levenshulme Bees. The Bees will be displayed in gardens and businesses around Levenshulme, creating a mapped trail for people to explore.

The ‘Peace Doves’ project will involve sharing your own #peacepledge dove. Joining celebrations with the community to share how you have taken action on your peace pledge, perhaps by sharing random acts of kindness or helping a neighbour.

We will also have reading and relaxation pods set up during the event to encourage taking a mindful moment to meditate, rest and rejuvenate, to balance the more physical activities such as yoga or Tai chi. Wellbeing libraries will be in key places of the community, delivering books, magazines and resources for people to borrow that are related to health, wellbeing and mindfulness.

People can also join 8 week evidenced based Mindfulness courses, Mindful Art courses, or pop in to Creative Mindfulness drop in craft making and meditation sessions. The event will also include a pop-spa (on a converted bus!) for adults and a play area for kids.

We want this Community Festival to be an annual event and this funding is needed to secure the infrastructure and training of key people within community to ensure it can run in future years. Receiving this funding will provide vital resources needed to host the events and workshops, all showcased during the festival so that people affected by issues of poverty can access all of this for free, providing them with experiences and wellbeing tools they might not usually be able to access, breaking down barriers and finding joy together side by side.

Our mission at The Owl and The Coconut is to bring Mindfulness and Art into the community to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health for all. We want to reduce social isolation and bring communities together to become active partners in nurturing their own mental and emotional health. We believe that Mindful Art is a catalyst that creates empowered, mindful, creative, and compassionate people and communities. We believe everyone has the right to access tools for wellbeing and happiness.

Please vote for us so we can share mindful tools and happiness in Levenshulme and beyond for this amazing festival!

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We believe that Mindful Art is a powerful catalyst that creates empowered, mindful, creative, and compassionate people and communities. We believe everyone has the right to access tools for wellbeing and happiness.

Location: Levenshulme, Manchester, UK