Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Saintbridge Balancing Pond Nature Reserve covers an area of approximately 5 hectares and is located in the heart of a residential area that includes Saintbridge, a suburb of Gloucester City (UK). Its primary function is as a flood defence element for Gloucester under the auspices of the UK Environment Agency.
In order that the site could be managed appropriately a voluntary not-for-profit, non-charitable organisation, known as the Friends of Saintbridge Pond (FOSP), was formed in 1994 to liaise with the relevant authorities, accreditation organisations, national and local eco-schemes/initiatives (including 'Green Flag') and advisors from environment agencies and related specialists. As a group of volunteers the organisations’ ‘function’ was determined to be one of improving biodiversity as and where appropriate in order to create and maintain a variety of environmental and ecological habitats for indigenous species whilst acting as an amenity for the benefit of the local community. This requires a huge number of tasks and activities on weekdays and at weekends by the volunteers to maintain and safeguard this asset for the positive wellbeing of the local community in both form and function - which has resulted in obtaining the national award 'Green Flag' status for the Nature Reserve.
The volunteers of FOSP believe that it is our community responsibility to ensure that we leave this 'life' asset in a stable and sustainable condition for future generations.
There are three zones, ‘The Spinney’ (small area of woodland), the ‘Wet Meadow’ (a small part of the flood plane) and ‘Skylark Bank 3’ (green space with a copse), that require further ecological and aesthetic enhancement by preparation (completed) and planting of appropriate woodland and green space species and in significant numbers in order to accelerate the timeline, for affect, by a number years. The effort from the volunteers is making significant impressions on increasing the biodiversity and wildlife across the whole site and are encouraged by an increasing public perception of enjoyment as they walk its perimeter. However, funding is needed to purchase the plants that include English Bluebells, Snowdrop, Wild Daffodils, Wild Garlic, Wood Anenome, Winter Aconite, Wild Cyclamen, Wild Primrose, Meadow Buttercup and Ragged Robin, conditioning compost and a large tipping wheelbarrow so that we an complete a planting program before Christmas 2018 to ensure an explosion of colour in the Spring of 2019.
We also need to purchase some flyers to improve communication about our work and the objectives of FOSP and to encourage others to help with this project.
A reward to our volunteers who have given up so much of their time and effort creating this environment to bring such positivity would be to have enough funding to continue the work to accomplish tasks in order to bring sustained positivity for the local residents and other visitors to the site.

Friends of Saintbridge Pond (FOSP) & Nature Reserve.

Moment of Pride

The volunteers of FOSP&NR have worked tirelessly to enhance this green space resulting in a significant footfall increase in 2018. The wellbeing it brings to people of all ages is humbling. The habitats for the wildlife is immeasurable and long lasting. After all, how can we live without this ?

Location: Gloucester