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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Hollymount Primary School PTA is looking to raise funds to create an outside classroom in a currently under-utilised corner in of the main playground. Hollymount is a school that appreciates the benefits of both in and outdoor teaching. The outside classroom will be constructed of a canopy shelter to enable teaching, learning and play all year round and will provide permanent seating and movable seating, such as bean bags and stools to accommodate a full class. The classroom will be surrounded by evergreen planting to enhance the pupils’ outdoor learning experience and to promote mental and physical health.

The benefits of outside classrooms are well documented and include:
1. The opportunity for hands on learning, such as science or nature lessons. Some pupils thrive in a more fun and experimental environment.
2. Socialising & friendship between the pupils, as the outside classroom will provide a calmer zone for pupils who prefer to escape the busier playground.
3. Improve concentration in pupils due to the fresh air environment and alternate learning platform by moving away from traditional text books.
4. Decreased stress levels and increased social cohesion between pupils.
5. Multi-sensory vivid experiences - allowing pupils to engage in the sense of touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight.

The outside classroom would be available to 460 children who attend Hollymount Primary School between the ages of 4-11 years. In addition, the outside classroom would be used by after-school pupil members and the wider community, such as local Rainbow, Brownies and Guide groups who use the school playground during the evenings.

As has been well publicized in the media, schools are facing cuts in funding in real terms and budgets are increasingly stretched, with less money to spend on learning resources. For this reason, the PTA is striving to raise funds to improve outdoor facilities at the school.

The PTA has a close relationship with the headteacher, staff and parents at the school. The parents of Hollymount Primary School voted for this project as a priority for the school, which is fully supported by the headteacher and staff. The PTA, parents and staff are enthusiastic about working together to ensure the outdoor classroom project is completed as soon as possible for the pupils to benefit from such a wonderful feature.

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Hollymount Primary School PTA

Moment of Pride

I am proud of how the parents, staff and PTA work continuously together to improve the pupils learning experiences and facilities available. Hollymount is a lovely school with a great sense of community, belonging and strong values. The outside classroom will diversify and enhance pupils learning.

Location: Cambridge Road, Wimbledon, London, UK