Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We provide photography workshops that inspire young people to think outside the box, be empowered and learn skills that will support them with their health and wellbeing and their future. 

Through a series of unique workshops that we designed; focusing on different photography themes, young people gain knowledge of technical skills, techniques and professional equipment. 

We support young people aged 12-17 to work together, be reflective and think before making a decision. Our workshops have helped young people to tackle mental health issues, make friendships, effectively manage their additional needs and supported some to gain qualifications.
Each workshop is an opportunity for us to boost young peoples confidence and social skills, we like to discuss topics and issues that affect young people, their community and to encourage one another to speak out. 

So far we have supported 30 young people aged 12-17 to learn photography, see different perspectives, increase their communication and resilience skills. Our workshops take place in different areas across our community, including Stockport County Football Club, Reddish Vale, Hat Works Museum and areas around the town centre.

The images the young people take will feature in a large gallery space in Merseyway shopping centre, an ideal place for members of the public to come to. When our previous group of young people created their gallery, 300 people came to the opening event. This event made a real positive impact on the people involved and the community.

The young people, parents and partner organisations championed what we did and have spurred us on to keep these workshops going.
If we won the money it would mean that we could create a long term health and wellbeing photography club for young people, so that they have a space to come to after school or in the holidays that is youth orientated, fun and supportive of their needs.
We believe passionately that young people can achieve success when given opportunities. Within our community we really see the need for a project like this. We have created an environment where people can enjoy developing new skills in a positive and imaginative way.

The grant will allow us to extend our reach and work with up to 60 young people over a 6 month period. Workshops will be delivered by professionals and with the support of staff who are specifically trained in working with young people with additional leaning or social and emotional needs. The grant will allow us to purchase photography equipment, computers and printers and cover general running costs including trips out.

Project Video


Moment of Pride

We are inspired to keep this going by those we wanted to inspire , thanks to the young people, parents, partner organisations and the community- we are striving to keep this going. Without their messages of support what we have achieved so far wouldn't have been possible #grassroots #proudcommunity

Location: Stockport