Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The aim of our project is to install physically developing play equipment on the school field, which will be used by the children on a daily basis both in lessons and at playtimes. The equipment to be installed is a side winder.
Friends of Launton School (“Friends”) (PTA) share a vision with the headteacher to transform the school playing field from a basic field into a secure, fun and exciting place that the children can use throughout the year. The field is not only used by the school children on a daily basis but is also used for other community functions such as the annual Launton village Easter Egg hunt, which attracts families from surrounding towns and villages.
Friends have successfully raised sufficient funds to secure the perimeter of the field which is essential for safeguarding and also to install a path so that the children can participate in daily activity whatever the weather. These two projects will both by complete by end of 2018.
The next project is to install our first play station which will be an exciting, challenging and developmental piece of play equipment which will develop the children’s physical and mental skills through taking on new challenges. The side winder will provide the skills that the Headteacher wants to focus on first namely co-ordination, balance and upper arm strength. Securing this grant from Aviva will fund the full cost of this item and will enable all children to start benefiting from the new equipment early in 2019.
It is important to have equipment which will be exciting and challenging for all levels of children within the school which covers both key stages 1 and 2 (age 4 to 11). Children develop at different rates and so it is important that there is equipment which will enable them to develop a range of physical skills whilst also keeping active and having fun. Children will also develop social skills as they work and play with friends to overcome new challenges.
In this electronic age it is becoming even more important for children to enjoy outdoor experiences both as part of play and their education in taking on new challenges such as climbing, balance etc. There are children at the school who have limited outdoor time outside of school and so this facility will be beneficial to their wellbeing both mentally and physically.
Government recommendations are that children participate in 60 minutes exercise each day to combat child obesity, the path and this play equipment will facilitate participation which will have both health and educational benefits to the local children and the wider community.
Families and teaching staff will benefit both immediately and into the future as the children’s daily exercise will provide mental and physical stimulation whilst instilling a lifelong habit.
The school is the focal point of the village for families and the headteacher is planning to hold further community events for people both within the village and surrounding areas. Furthermore, the equipment will be used by younger and older siblings, friends and also the onsite playgroup which is run separately to the school. During the year the school is already the venue for several community events within the village, including the village Easter egg hunt, summer BBQ and Christmas festival.
The school field is owned by the school and it has been confirmed that there is no additional requirement to seek further approval for installation as this project is being run in conjunction with the school, headteacher and governing body.
Friends is an association which includes parents, carers, grandparents and anyone else within the community who is interested in supporting the school’s community hub approach.

Friends of Launton School

Moment of Pride

It is brilliant to see what the combined force of the school and Friends have achieved thus far working in collaboration in the interests of the children. This project will be given 110% support by this group to help their children. There is a real buzz about the place.

Location: Launton