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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Shopmobility Market Harborough provides mobility scooters and wheelchairs for short or long term hire to people who struggle with their mobility. All of our mobility scooters are named after flowers, and one of our 3 wheeled scooters, named "Rose", has seen better days and needs replacing! As you can see from the photos there is a lot of cosmetic damage to the bodywork, but more importantly it is 11 years old and mechanically it is worn out with parts needing replacing to keep it going. A three wheeled scooter is more suitable for people who have knee and hip problems, as they can stretch their legs out, and is therefore more comfortable - Rose is very much in demand.

Shopmobility Market Harborough is a self funding charity and is reliant on charitable donations to enable it to keep its charges affordable to all. People who have limited mobility due to illness, injury, operation or long-term disability use our equipment to enable them to maintain their independence. We currently have over 120 members who benefit from our scheme, allowing them to participate in activities and enjoy the local community. Equipment can be used daily from our office during opening hours, used from home and taken for days out or on holiday.

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Shopmobility Market Harborough

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Shopmobility Market Harborough provides an invaluable service that enables people with limited mobility to get out and about and thus prevents them from becoming isolated. We enable them to take part in outings with friends and family, which they would otherwise be unable to do.

Location: Market Harborough