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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Rhondda Netball gives hundreds of young girls and women in Rhondda opportunities to get involved in sport, in an area where female sports provision was previously very limited. After only 2 years of operation, it now has 500-600 girls and women participating in netball every week, of all ages from the Rascals (age 4-7), through all the school age groups up to Seniors and 'Back to Netball', with clubs established in 4 different Rhondda locations.

Rhondda Netball's emphasis is on participation and making a difference to girls and women in one of UK's most deprived areas. Its staff are fully dedicated to making a difference to these young girls’ lives by welcoming them into their “netball family", encouraging them to be the best that they can be, and raising their confidence, self-esteem, and aspirations. Rhondda Netball aims to offer a broad spectrum of ways for women and girls to engage with netball, whether they want to participate purely on an informal and social basis or aspire to playing for one of Rhondda Netball's representative teams playing in local netball leagues.

In 2018 Rhondda Netball was fortunate to attract the interest of a former Welsh international player, Nichola Cooke, who is now a regular player for Rhondda Netball's highest level team, RCT Rockets. Nichola has become involved with Rhondda netball's coaching set-up, and her experience, knowledge and encouragement have made a massive difference to the confidence, self-belief and performance of the players she has worked with. Rhondda Netball would like to continue employing Nichola as a coach, working both with teams and with the current Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches to develop their coaching abilities.

This grant will enable Rhondda Netball to employ Nichola in this way for the second half of the current netball season (January to May 2019). Her expertise and encouragement will continue to help others to improve and inspire them to achieve their potential. In particular, Rhondda Netball want to encourage girls and women to develop their coaching abilities so that players at all levels of participation are coached by knowledgeable, qualified and enthusiastic coaches, and so that there is a pool of such coaches to enable Rhondda Netball to satisfy the demand for netball in the area. Nichola is a key figure in coach development and being able to retain her in this role will help Rhondda Netball to continue to inspire even more girls and women to improve their health, fitness and confidence through netball, and develop coaching skills which will enable them to coach, encourage and inspire others.

Rhondda Netball

Moment of Pride

In just 2 years Rhondda Netball has had a major impact in our community. It's not just a sporting initiative but a true netball 'family' that encourages players at every level, and just wants to see more and more of our girls and women enjoying the social and fitness benefits that netball provides.

Location: Rhondda Cynon Taff, UK