Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


At Newburn we run an activity session every Tuesday and Friday for disabled people to come and access various sporting and recreational activities within the activity centre.
The program of various activities including adapted bikes, trampolining, archery, football, indoor curling/boccia. Users can also access the sensory room.
Some of the Specialised Adapted bikes we have allow people to gain confidence through gaining confidence and independence or become supported with their carer. We are thrilled that we have a bike for people with a wide range of disabilities including a specialised cycle that can carry a wheelchair for people with more profound disabilities that cant leave their Moulded or electric wheelchair.
The aim is for users to come to a friendly and safe environment and have fun and enjoyment at the centre, A lot of people can come and make friends and interact with other people while enjoying being active so the thrill of Social Inclusion is very inspiring.
The Funds that we are hoping to purchase is for new equipment for these sessions to expand on the activities we can offer, we are also hoping to gain outside organisations to come and give some structured coaching for some of the activities. we are also hoping to use some of the money for maintenance for the bikes due to the high running costs. we are looking to upgrade our sensory room for users.
We are a charitable run leisure centre in the outer west of Newcastle. We have over 85 people a week attend these sessions, It is a great joy seeing people who normally wouldn't be able to access activities taking part in something they normally wouldn't be able to. This money would go a long way to help with the running of these sessions offering new opportunities to users to try something new.

Newburn riverside recreation association

Moment of Pride

It is a great joy, seeing a lot of people accessing the session, as they may not be able to access them elsewhere.
we have alot of repeat customers who love to interact with each other and make friends with other users. All of the people who attend the sessions gain great joy and excitement.

Location: Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK