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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Pass It On Project has two aims:
(a) To equip the young people already taking part in our programmes for young musicians with workshop facilitation skills
(b) To engage other young people in the local community in music and songwriting by delivering workshops led by our young peer mentors.

The Pass It On Project will allow the young people we work with to learn facilitation skills and pass on their skills to other young people with limited access to music activity. This will allow more young people get a taste of the music programmes that Pop Recs provides, giving community groups a chance to work with musicians and peer mentors, and have a go at writing their own songs. We will target groups in areas of low engagement with cultural activity (for example, building on our recent partnership with East Durham Trust) and groups of young people who may find it difficult to come to our venue (e.g. through our partnership with Washington Mind). By leading workshops in these trusted spaces, we will begin to build relationships with these young people and organisations, and work to build a larger project which allows more young people to have the space to develop their musical skills.

As important as these musical outcomes are the “soft skills” which musical learning promotes- building a mutually supportive community of young people, improving wellbeing and confidence, building skills which can be used in other areas of life, and allowing self-expression and support for issues which the young people may be struggling with.

For the young musicians already involved in the projects, the training in workshop facilitation will move their engagement with the programme onto a new level and give them useful creative and employability skills.

At a time when creativity is being lost from the school curriculum, Pop Recs believes it’s really important to build a community of creative young people and also offer help and support alongside.

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