Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


What the money will be used for:
Training of staff – Fire management course
Developing the environment to make it safe, secure and appropriate for Woodland School to use, to include fencing and screening, shelter in the form of a large canopy and a fire pit
Resourcing the Woodland School

What Woodland School is – Vision:
Woodland School will have an inspirational educational ethos that focuses on developing children's personal, social and emotional development through regular outdoor woodland experiences. The ethos of Woodland Schools is to allow children the time and space to develop skills, interest and understanding through a range of activities which provide practical, hands-on experiences in a natural environment.
Children will use tools, play, learn boundaries of behaviour both physical and social, grow in confidence and self-esteem and become self-motivated. The adults’ role is to be a positive role model to the children and to observe their learning which can then be developed further.
Woodland School will provide an encouraging, inspiring environment where children can learn using all their senses to explore and investigate the world around them where they can grow in self-esteem, worth, independence and confidence.

Who will benefit:
All pupils at Herne Junior School will have the opportunity to experience, learn and grow at Woodland School every year.
Children identified through staffs’ professional assessment will receive intervention time to work on personal objectives, aiming to help pupils with:
• Low self-esteem
• Low confidence and self-worth
• Dyspraxia and Dyslexia
• Anger Management Issues
• Social communication difficulties
• Speech and language difficulties
• Work avoidant pupils
• Pupils from a background where outdoor experiences may be limited
• Attachment difficulties

We are immensely proud of this project, our staff and school. Why? We work tirelessly, aiming to be able to provide the very best education for all our pupils. Whether you come from a family who doesn't hold the same view that outdoor learning is extremely important and valuable or you have special educational needs which mean a mainstream classroom environment is sometimes a challenging place to be - you will be able to achieve at Woodland School. Feeling success is vital for all pupils, it supports their mental health, well-being and attitudes towards education and life in general; our staff are passionate about enabling pupils to succeed so they can be their very best selves and feel proud of who they are.

Herne Cof E Junior School PTA

Moment of Pride

Please see the final paragraph in the "Project Description" section.

Location: Herne, Herne Bay, UK