Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are a small voluntary organisation which manages a 'small but perfectly formed' Butterfly House in Victoria Park , Widnes. The butterfly house contains exotic butterfly species; we are open May to Sept each year and are reliant on donations to stay open. We teach visitors about the life cycle of the butterfly and also have an outdoor garden where we encourage people, by example, to plant butterfly friendly gardens and explain the threats to native butterfly species.

We are particularly popular with families with young children, uniformed groups, children and adults with learning difficulties.

The butterfly house is based in a local authority run glasshouse and we are being asked to move the butterfly house into a newly refurbished Victorian style glasshouse. This is big piece of work as it involves refitting the interior completely. The local authority is funding the refurbishment of the glasshouse, but not the interior. Volunteers will undertake the work, but we need funding for materials and equipment.

We welcome on average 10,000 visitors from the local community each season and receive many positive comments in our visitors book. The butterfly house is an oasis for many people in a very built up urban area. It is unique asset to the area and has the opportunity to grow and welcome even more families.

Victoria Park Environment Team

Moment of Pride

We are entirely volunteer run and re-opened the Butterfly House 5 years ago after it had been closed due to reduced local authority resources; it is a local gem and very much prized by the local community in a predominantly urban, deprived locality.

Location: Fairfield Road, Widnes WA8 6SE, UK