Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Govanhill Baths Community Trust‘s (GBCT)goal is to re-open the Govanhill Baths as a Wellbeing Centre and at the same time contribute to the wider social, cultural and built regeneration of Govanhill as a community through a range of activities.

Govanhill has become one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse districts in Scotland, where approximately 52 nationalities reside. Mass migration and rapid population growth has led to congestion and high levels of deprivation, with the community continuing to face social, economic and environmental inequality, have had detrimental impacts on both physical and psychological health.

GBCT would like funding to deliver our highly popular Wellbeing Programme, with the vision of promoting restoration and regeneration for the community. This community-led initiative developed in response to a lack of services in the area and strived to promote and maintain positive health outcomes for residents. It has become increasingly crucial to identify and foster individual and community assets in order to encourage engagement, growth and progression from a community perspective. The facility and services provided at Govanhill Baths give people the opportunity to engage in activities that they may not have been able to before. Additionally, meeting other members of the community can enhance quality of life and buffer against adverse life events through the benefits of social support.

The Trust’s Wellbeing Programme aims to:
‘To support an individual or group to be able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships with others and contribute to the community’
In addition, the Wellbeing Programme has a number of outputs:
• improving physical and mental health
• building creative outlets for skills development and enhancement
• facilitating employment opportunities
• and improving community cohesion

We will deliver the following Wellbeing Classes:
Yoga for women, Cast Off's (knitting group for elderly women), Fishing Club( for men), Pottery Club, Archery Club, Chess Club, Community Kitchen (hot meals), Writing for Beginners(vulnerable adults) and Drawing for Beginners(Vulnerable adults)

What will the project achieve?
The 12 month project will deliver the following :
• 200 people will attended our Wellbeing programmes structured courses ranging for 6-12 week. Of which 80% of participants will be from the immediate postcode, 30% BME, 25% disabled, 35% over 65
• 10,000+ people will attend arts and cultural events.
• 3000+ volunteer hours will support the Trust’s activities.
• 12 different community or voluntary groups will be involved in supporting the Wellbeing programme
• Provide employment for 2 staff.
• Provide employment to 8 sessional staff.

Why we need the money?
GBCT does not receive core funding from the Government or Council. All the money to deliver our projects are fundraised by us. This contribution will make an enormous difference to our service delivery As currently we have no funding to deliver our 2019 Wellbeing Programme.
In addition our community needs this service:
The GBCT receives no core funding from the Council, Government or foundation. All our services are delivered because of the fundraising efforts of staff and volunteers. Since 2012, when we began the Wellbeing programme we have helped almost 10% of the local population improve them mental and physical health, build friendships and social networks, increase their skills and learning, provided volunteering and employment opportunities. This award will help us to help hundreds more.

Govanhill Baths Community Trust -

Moment of Pride

GBCT was born out of a historic community campaign to save the historic baths in 2001 from closure. For 17 years the community spirit & commitment has resulted in the Govanhill Baths being back in community ownership as a vital community asset. Our ethos is, 'Run for the Community by the Community'.

Location: Glasgow