Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We would like to bring the Magic of Music to all the children at Preshute Primary School, through an African drumming workshop and a Welsh Brass Trio assembly to motivate and educate our children’s minds for the future. The aim is for the children to understand the vocabulary and rhythm of the musical language which may allow them to improve both their reading and writing skills.
Music is an important and extremely useful tool in the way we learn. Music has a great effect on how humans think and act, increases productivity, even affecting intelligence by intellectual and cognitive development, particularly among children. This will make a huge impact on the children’s enormous creative potential, positively affecting mood, productivity and improving test scores.
We are dedicated volunteers who organise events to fund raise for the school. The Aviva grant would bring a huge boost to our fund raising and enable the children to experience the magic of music. Music is a powerful force in our society, please vote for us to realise our project.

Preshute Primary School Association

Moment of Pride

I am proud of this project as it is shaping our future by stimulating our children's minds. The PPSA are a tireless group of parents who want their children to thrive in society and experience all of what our culture offers.

Location: Manton