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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Eclipse is so much more than a dance club, more an extended family. Open to all children in Halton , from age 4 upwards ( including adults) many of our members have grown up within Eclipse. It's so inspiring to see team members develop their dance skills & increase in confidence while having fun.

Theres always so much going on for everyone to get involved with : supporting local sports teams and charitable causes; performing at youth events and competitions ; providing dance camps during school holidays.

Eclipse are asking for your votes to purchase new cheer mats & gym equipment for the team to continue to grow their strength & abilities.

Eclipse Street Dance Cheer

Moment of Pride

My daughter has been an Eclipse member for 4 years, She started off very shy as didnt know anyone. But now she loves being part of the Eclipse family and has made so many great friends and continues to be part of the amazing experiences offered by the club.

Location: Widnes