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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The garden we are aspiring to make over services our cancer ward and stroke ward. The area consists of a courtyard setting accessed on opposite sides by both the cancer ward and stroke ward. The area has existing shrubs and small tress which are being cared for by a couple of volunteers who we have just recruited! We are actively fund raising to try and achieve a garden that is accessible to patients and their families. The ground work originally consisted of decking which has deteriorated no longer allows safe access.
Our vision is to create a space that is accessible with brick paving to allow unrestricted movement of beds, wheelchairs and intravenous stands. Brick built planters will then invite patients to plant and weed as rehabilitation and stimulate mental well being. A covered area will provide space for a bed for patients who can be safely taken into the private area to feel the sun, air and just feel something more than their hospital room.
Seating areas will accommodate family and friends to either sit with their loved one or for time out of what can be an overwhelming experience of a long hospital stay.
The garden will be planted to provide colour all year round.
The impact the garden will achieve is best described from a conversation I had with a patient which motivated me to have the garden made over. They said "I sleep, eat, use the bathroom and have visitors all in this room, I look out at what could be a beautiful space where I could safely sit with my family and feel less like a patient for a while." A number of our patients have stays of up to 30 days, we do everything we can to help them through the stay. A garden that is safely accessible will open up the world again and improve mental health and wellbeing. We are privileged to meet and help our patients and aspire to the best for them during and after treatment and sadly sometimes end of life. The garden will help create happy memory making moments. The ground work has been cost at £22,000, this will have a huge impact on moving us forward in the creation of a special garden that serves our local community, most importantly our patients.

Frimley Health Charity

Moment of Pride

Staff that support our patients want to provide the best always. Our wish is to give patients a special space. We are proud of our patients and how they cope during their stay in hospital which can be an overwhelming time.

Location: Slough