Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


After 8 years, East Coast Emeralds has found a home of its own and we have taken over a disused former school gym. We have spent the summer re-furbishing the premises getting ready for the new season. The new premises have given us the opportunity to upgrade and improve our equipment for our athletes and we are looking to purchase specialist crash mats to assist with tumbling training. Tumbling is a key element of a Cheerleading routine and it is vital that athletes have the correct equipment to give them the confidence to push themselves to master the more complex skills.
We are delighted that our home has given us the opportunity to offer spaces to more people and give them an opportunity to try this fantastic sport. We are an all inclusive club and are able to offer spaces for all from age 3 up to adult and we operate in an area where we can help families of limited means to be able to participate in a sport.
The dedication of our coaching staff , who have all developed through our programme, means that we continue to be successful in national and regional competitions against some of the best programmes in the UK. Participation in this sport means that our athletes travel to other parts of the UK and Europe, engage with athletes from different locations and communities and most importantly they make friends for life.
Better equipment is a means to carry on the development for every individual in a safe environment, safeguarding the health of the athlete.

East Coast Emeralds

Moment of Pride

I am especially proud of the East Coast Emeralds which has been built through the dedication and hard work of our coaches and our parents, friends and families over 8 years. It's an extended family of many varied characters with a single purpose - be the best we can!

Location: Norwich