Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We decide to set up this clothing bank in October 2014 at Brandon Community Hall with the aim to help those that need it.
We provide clothing, interview clothing, school uniforms and toiletries free to people in need of help due to the welfare cuts and sanctions, zero hours, Homeless and those on low wages. We fund raise to buy the toiletries as we do not get these donated.
We do not work on a vocher scheme ,all you need is proof you are on a benefit, waiting for a benefit, sanctioned or homeless. we do not limit the amount of times you can get help from us. We can also helpwith applying for Benefits
ALL CLOTHING AND TOILETRIES ARE FREE. One bag of clothing per person and one toiletry bag per family. Baby milk will be given to those who have been sanctioned only.
We will provide clothing and toiletries to those who come for help, we turn no one away.
We run the Clothing Bank once a fortnight on a Tuesday out of Brandon Welfare Hall, the Clothing Bank is run the in the community for the community and everyone else in Durham and surrounding areas.
We would like to see other people in other areas open more Clothing Banks as we feel that there is a desperate need for more. We value peoples input into this and everyone is welcome to have their say in their community.
We understand how hard it is for people so do not be afraid to ask us for help.

In this day and age and with this government these clothing and food banks are a life line to those in need of help.
We understand how hard it is for people today, so do not be afraid to contact us to get involved or ask us for help.
Email Address
Contact telephone number 07707031625 week days from10 - 4pm for info. We are also on facebook.


Moment of Pride

We are proud to be able to help peple who need us. Ove the last year we have helped over 1500 people with free clothing and toiletries. All our volunteers give up their time to make this work and im very proud to call them friends as well as a awesome team.

Location: Brandon