Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


'Bonnie Dundee' are a group of volunteers who have been running for over 10yrs and we plant and maintain 68 planters, two garden areas and one large wildflower meadow in and around Dundee City Centre. We work with the council and help submit the cities yearly entry into Beautiful Scotland.
We have a variety of maintenance and improvement costs which, at present, have no funds to address them and because of the opening of the V&A and more visitors to our city we want to look at more colourful sustainable planting which will have a longer lasting effect and give us a basic framework to work around e.g. dwarf colourful shrubs, heathers, perennials and we can then interplant with colourful, bright annuals and bulbs in the spring. We are extremely passionate about what we do and rely heavily on people supporting our events e.g. plant sales, community planting, donations.
Our aim is to be able to make the improvements we need so that what we have can last for the future and will be easier to maintain for future volunteers. We feel our project benefits the well-being of city centre life and gives people the chance to make a difference. A bright, cheerful, well planted environment contributes greatly to the well being of city life. We are linked in with the Dundee Drop In group and actively invite those with addiction or mental health problems to join us. A purpose and reason to get up in the morning and linking in with people has proved to make a difference. It helps to give then a sense of worth.
We have one community herb tub and one community herb garden which we invite people to pick. They are both extremely well used and need yearly additions to keep up the high standard of our produce. The community herb garden is located within an area at the back of Dundee's Overgate shopping centre called the William Gardiner Square named after a prominent local botanist who lived in the area. Here also we would love to plant some attractive colourful shrubs e.g. rhododendrons, azaleas, buddleias and frame them with annuals, winter flowering plants and bulbs for the spring.
As well as plants these are our additional needs. We order each year approximately 3,000 plug plants and we pot them on in our own polytunnel which is ten years old, is full of patches and needs a new door. It will not last much longer and although the existing frame will last the skin cover is definitely on its last legs! If we manage to buy shrubs we will have less annuals but we will always have a fair number so will continue to need our polytunnel. Also we have staging but a few of our members are older or infirm and cannot stand for long periods of time which is necessary when potting on plugs. We would love to have a low section of staging with a chair to give older or disabled folk a chance of joining in our activities.
We look after an Urban Community Orchard area which has seven eating apple trees in a large wooden framework with seating. The trees are a mixture of modern and old varieties e.g. Isaac Newton, Bloody Ploughman and cause a great amount of interest. We display a notice when the apples are ready and invite anybody and everybody to pick them. The wood of the orchard has been treated but has now reached the stage where it needs to be re-done with a high quality, long lasting preservative.
Our garden area in Dundee's new waterfront Slessor Gardens is proving to be extremely popular with lunch time visitors and we are in need of a pigeon and seagull proof waste disposal bin to make it even more attractive!
To sum up we would love to have funding to help us keep the work of our 'Bonnie Dundee' group going in the future and make the necessary improvements to aid its benificial longevity. We could buy sustainable plants, a disposal bin for our garden at Slessor Gardens (which we managed with Grant for £12,000), a new skin and door plus suitable staging and a seat for disabled volunteers and preserve our Urban Orchard wood.

Bonnie Dundee

Moment of Pride

Businesses, shops and the community willingly help us with such things as watering, toilets! etc and are always very appreciative as are locals and visitors alike. We are a friendly bunch and it's lovely having folk join us who have problems and fresh air and exercise is always a bonus.

Location: Dundee City, UK