Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


This is what our project wants to achieve
Target numbers - 128 unique YP a year
12 hours a week evening/weekend Healthy Mind listening service
- Combination of methods – Emails, Social media, 1 to 1 chats (both on phone and in person)
- Suitable support can be given in a way that suits each young person’s communication style.
- The amount of hours would potentially increase as the interest grows and we would seek to recruit
experienced/qualified volunteers to add more hours after the initial 6 months is completed.
2 x 2 hours a week Healthy Mind peer support group
- Bringing young people who believe they need support around mental health issues together to develop and
strengthen their support network.
4 x 2 hour “Healthy Mind awareness events” a year
- Raising awareness of “Healthy Minds” to a wider range of young people, including supporting themselves &
others, signs to look out for, and other things (as relevant to young people)
- increasing youth workers & volunteer’s knowledge/confidence in mental health areas
- Improve/strengthen current one to one service offered by our youth work team
- Develop stronger links with the other groups in the local area and/or other mental health organisations.
- The service would be promoted via detached youth workers, through our partnerships with other local
agencies, and through use of social media etc.

During School holidays extra daytime & evening activities will take placed aimed at reducing isolation, and increasing participation in activities which promote the healthy mind message - these will be creative and physical activities and will reflect the needs of those young people taking part in the regular services.
The grant will be used to fund sessional workers, workshop facilitators, volunteer expenses, and equipment for the service and activities to take place (including 2 PCs to be used for admin, to support one to ones, and by young people when appropriate/needed).

We believe it will make a difference by the following taking place:
- Increase self-confidence/awareness/self-esteem, respect for themselves/others
- Develop greater awareness/recognition of unhealthy relationships/lifestyle choices & skills required to
develop healthy relationships/healthy lives
- Increase access to positive support networks & facilities to offer practical support when needed
- Increase likelihood of informed choices being made & healthier more balanced lives being developed.
- Increase/improve independent living skills & abilities developed leading to increased chances of breaking
free from poverty/deprivation when they become adults
- Develop aspirations for the future which include further education, training or career prospects
- Increase communication, teamwork and leadership skills
- Reduce negative activities (including ASB, alcohol, drugs, bullying, etc).

This project is so much needed in this community and it is from Community conversations that we have had that it was recognised and funding begun to be found to make it a reality.
Around 4500 10-19 year olds live in Croxteth , with 58% being classed as living in poverty, with this comes the many associated mental health issues (depression/self harm/low confidence etc) and this is seen regularly in our youth work.
Nearly every week we work with between 4-6 young people with concerns around self harm, suicidal thoughts, anger problems etc.
In the 1st quarter of 2018 alone 14 different young people and a range of families asked our youth worker for support around these issues, and requested someone who would simply listen to them.
Currently our youth workers provide mentoring but have a limited number of hours available, this project would give us ability to respond to those young people who need this area of work for them.

Our Listening Service is so needed - Raising Aspiration, Hope & Community Unit

Rhys Jones Community Centre CIC

Moment of Pride

We are proud of Rhys Jones Centre is reaching out to support young and old alike in our community.
Raising aspirations, raising hope and bringing about community unity that has often been lost over the years.
We are more, its a community hub, its a part of the community family and we care for all

Location: Croxteth, Liverpool, UK