Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We are hoping to raise money for another homeless bus which will provide shelter, somewhere for homeless women to wash, and somewhere they can get warm food. We started out by collecting and supplying food and clothing to the homeless, and are now making a life changing difference to the homeless. We recently converted a double decker bus into a shelter for the homeless and are now looking to provide a second bus, solely for women. This will provide a safe place for homeless women including women fleeing domestic violence and abuse. We rely solely on our wonderful volunteers, and this money will go towards kitting out the bus, the equipment and maintenance costs of the bus. Homeless levels are increasing in Brighton and Hove, but the support is decreasing. Alarmingly, there are more and more attacks on homeless people living on the streets and the bus will ensure there are fewer people on the streets. There is nowhere in Brighton for homeless women to turn to at weekends and this would be an exclusively women’s only bus to provide safety and refuge.

Sussex Homeless Support

Moment of Pride

I help my Mum who volunteers with the project. Jim Deans who founded the project has worked really hard to provide a safe space for homeless to sleep in. Sussex Homeless Support are in Brighton every Sunday giving out free food to the homeless, only ever supported by volunteers.

Location: Brighton