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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Hethersett Athletic Football Club currently has 2 under 11's teams. They are called the Lions and Tigers. The aim of the club is to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to play in football matches and participate in training, no matter what ability. We have six volunteers who manage both squads as well as a good supporting network of family and friends.

We have maintained fairness in the group which is rarely replicated in Youth football which we are finding out and makes us a little bit different from other teams. We have seen throughout the seasons the boys and girls flourish in skills and confidence. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have had the same group of children stay with us for over 5 years. Some of the children have differing needs and would not ordinarily have places within football teams if we were just striving for glory. We believe in giving all children an opportunity.

We have managed to scrape together money to buy a playing kit which gives the children an extra sense of belonging and pride. Unfortunately, due to the British weather we are now seeking to provide the children with further clothing for training and matches. We also seek to buy extra kit to bring a different element to training.

Finally, I believe people should vote for our project because we are a local community based group who are looking to give all children a chance no matter what their ability or circumstances are. The coaches are all parents who generously give up their time no matter how busy their day or week has been and are committed to ensuring that the children enjoy their sessions and matches and at the end of the year each child is awarded a medal. My child in particular is so proud of this achievement and as a parent I am pleased that my child has been able to participate in a sport and is keeping fit.

Hethersett Athletic Football Club Under 11's

Moment of Pride

I am proud of the fact that these children are enjoying grass roots football, meeting other teams all around Norfolk and most importantly coming off the football pitch with smiles on their faces no matter what the score maybe.

Location: Hethersett