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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Streetwise – Love Leeds

We provide a loving environment, food and clothing to some of the most vulnerable adults in Leeds.
We exist to provide on-going support for adults who are homeless, living in poverty or who simply need a sense of belonging and friendship. We work with similar organisations that share our mission and aim to provide information and guidance to those who access the drop-in. We open every Thursday between 7-8:30pm and provide food, hot/cold drinks and where possible clothing. We offer a befriending service and friendly social atmosphere with activities such as table tennis, bingo, movie night etc.
Why the community needs us
The majority of our beneficiaries are homeless. Others are in sheltered accommodation and many struggles with alcohol and/or drug addictions. Some suffer with mental health issues and thus networking and partnering with other local charities, shops and organizations is of utmost importance. The goodwill and support of our wider community means that this service is able to happen. Children and families, corporate organisations and many others, all help behind the scenes raising community spirit.
Streetwise is a free, weekly drop in which opens its doors every Thursday to some of Leeds most vulnerable adults. Our main activity is providing our service users with a hot meal. In addition, we provide service users with clothes and other items such as hygiene products, underwear, sleeping bags and rucksacks, depending on funding and donations. All our guests are vulnerable and in need of additional warmth items during the winter months. Bed time is particularly difficult for many people as they struggle of get to sleep as they’re so cold. If we were successful we would look to provide thermal clothes and sleeping bags, depending on the requirements of our service users. We would also look to provide fleece tops, gloves, hats and scarves for use during the day.

Our impact on the community
We currently have between 40-50 people signing in each week and some weeks well over 50! The drop-in is run by a pool of 20 volunteers, yet many more support behind the scenes. Our Winter Program includes a Christmas party which is always a success. The drop-in has become increasingly popular and is well used.

Charity Information
Streetwise - Love Leeds
Address: Life Church Leeds Hub, Hurley House, 1 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 5DQ
Established in: 2010

With winter coming and the nights drawing in we want to be able to help meet the challenges our people face as a result of the cold. We need to be able to provide practical items. By relieving immediate needs, we are also able to encourage and support people to address some of their longer-term needs like accommodation, finding work or dealing with an addiction.

We would look to be able to provide some or all of the following:
25 Sleeping bags @ £25 each = £625
25 Thermal gloves @ £4 each = £100
25 Thermal hats @ £5 each = 125
25 Thermal tops @ £5 each = £125
Total £975

Streetwise- Love Leeds

Moment of Pride

We exist to provide on-going support for adults who are homeless, living in poverty or who simply need a sense of belonging and friendship

Location: Leeds