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Athletes of Solid Rock is a non-profit organisation set up in 2016 by a group of parents to assist with fundraising for the Cheerleading and Dance club their children attend - “Solid Rock Cheer and Gym” based in Linwood, Renfrewshire. We are looking to the Aviva Community Fund to support our organisation so that we can in turn, support our children’s passion for cheer and dance, their amazing coaches and the dedication they put in. Hopefully what follows, will provide you with an insight into why this organisation was set up. Our children love what they do and there is no better feeling than watching your child thrive doing something they feel so passionate about.

The club itself was set up by sisters Gillian Sloan and Suzanne Stewart in a small community hall in 2003 offering classes in Competitive Cheer and Dance . They began with 10 athletes and over the years the numbers have steadily increased. It was always hoped that one day, they would have their own space and after years of hard work, the girls dreams became a reality when they opened the doors to their own gym in September 2015.

Since opening, the number of athletes has increased dramatically. 3 years ago there were circa 45 athletes and today this is now over 300. As a result, the girls have been able to widen their curriculum and now offer Recreational classes as well as Competitive. The athletes range from age 3 with the eldest aged 22. In addition, the club promotes and encourages safety awareness which was evidenced recently when they offered a free Self Defence Workshop targeting girls aged 10 and above. This was offered to both pupils and the wider community. There were a string of attacks on young girls within the Linwood area and so the club took the decision to organise this workshop to provide children with the tools to protect themselves. Our local newspaper covered this story and the club was applauded for taking such measures.

The club recognise that all children are different and come from varying backgrounds and cultures. Inclusion is one of the core values at Solid Rock and feel it is their duty to implement the following:-
• Remove financial barriers from deprived areas
• Provide a safe environment where children can be active, increase fitness levels and have fun
• Keep children from the streets
• Develop both sport and life skills such as teambuilding, confidence, positive social interaction with peers and show that hard work brings rewards
• Develop Lifelong Friendships
• Encourage, in particular teenage girls that being part of a sport is something to be proud of. Statistics show that around 50% of teenage girls drop out of sport and the club aims to break down this barrier
• Promote that being involved in sport from a young age provides a good foundation for being a healthy and active adult

The children train hard every week and their dedication is mirrored by the titles they have won. They have achieved National Championship status within various cheer and dance categories. In addition, there are 3 athletes who successfully auditioned for Team Scotland; These girls will represent the club and our Country in Florida next year. With Cheerleading now being a recognised Olympic Sport, there are many pupils who dream of competing at this level - Solid Rock aims to help them achieve this.

Our organisation wishes to continue supporting the club to obtain funding to purchase much needed equipment to accommodate the increasing number of athletes each year. As mentioned, the club strives to remove financial barriers, therefore, within the funding we require, it would be our intention to utilise some of this to provide support for competition entrance fees for the athletes.
We have spent a lot of time fundraising for equipment and the likes therefore we would be delighted to have some assistance towards this, We hope you can consider us.

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Athletes of Solid Rock

Moment of Pride

It’s easy for us to be proud of what we do and support the club.. All we do is look at the sheer joy in the children’s faces when they are in the gym training and performing at competitions. And of course, the coaches who are 100% committed to the children – that in itself makes it all worthwhile.

Location: Napier Street, Linwood, Paisley, UK