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Funding level: Up to £1,000

Supported by: Circle


Hucknall Dads Group is a group for Dads and male carers with babies and children. The aim of the group is to spend quality time together learning new skills, building relationships and supporting each other. The monthly group allows children and Dads to make friends through a variety of age appropriate activities whilst giving partners some much needed respite.

The Group has existed for many years under Surestart funding, but this funding has now been withdrawn.

The core members of the group have formed a committee, written a constitution, received DBS checks and undertaken safeguarding training to enable the group to continue.

We have 6 months commitment from the Surestart manager to continue using their facilities, but from then on may have to pay our own way.

Funding is needed to pay for insurance and buy craft and cooking materials for the activities the group makes available to it's visitors. We hope to have days out, Dads Group camps and other activities in future.

Volunteers are Surestart staff offering their time for nothing and committee members, all of whom are self supporting the project at present and until funding can be sourced.

Hucknall Dads Group

Moment of Pride

The kids look forward to spending time with their Dads/ Grandad's and speak enthusiastically about the group even though activities are basic such as baking & crafts. There were tears when it was announced that funding would cease. To be part of keeping the group in existence fills me with pride.

Location: Hucknall