Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We plan to have a long lasting impact on people’s lives. A group of girls and young women have been specifically selected from Girlguiding South West England to travel to Mexico and work with homeless children and those with special needs. We will be brightening their lives by teaching them using various methods including play and helping with their everyday (often complex) dressing and feeding routines.

By working with the adults that supervise the children we will be able to pass on our skills to them so that they can continue to be used with other children long after we have carried out our project. Having a Doctor, Occupational Therapist pre school teacher and administrator amongst the Leadership team we are really excited to be able help in any way we can whilst with them.

Time is being spent preparing for this trip by all concerned and gaining knowledge that we are able to happily share with those we meet.

The money will be used to help fund this project. All the participants are working very hard to raise money themselves towards this also. We would love to be able to take toys, educational games and stationary supplies for the children to use - many of whom do not have a single possession to their name. We would also like to change their environment for the better making a long lasting impression on their lives.

This has already and will continue to help our community as the young people and leaders involved gain skills in communication, leadership, management, and knowledge, amongst many more empowering them to find a voice and grow in self confidence to pass on their skills to others locally.

Girlguiding South West England

Moment of Pride

I am really proud of this project because it has been planned to change people’s lives and leave a long lasting impression on them. Girlguiding empowers girls and young women and those involved are growing in self confidence and becoming better citizens as a result.

Location: Wiltshire, UK