Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The proposed project consists of a long overdue and much needed overhaul and upgrade of the existing changing facilities at Basingstoke RFC. The current facilities consist of 6 ‘non-compliant’ changing rooms together with a communal shower room that not only pose a health and safety risk, are expensive to run/maintain but are completely inappropriate for the ever-increasing mixed gender demand for the facilities, brought about particularly by the huge increase and interest in girls/ladies rugby.
The proposed scheme consists of a full refurbishment of the existing facilities.

We believe that the beneficiaries of the scheme will be wide and varied, including but not limited to;

• The Youth and Mini’s sections of the club by way of providing a safer and more segregated environment in which to change.
• The Girls and Ladies playing members of the club for the same reasons, but also by providing a facility that is equivalent in all aspects to that of their male counterparts.
• The existing Senior Men’s playing section of the club, by way of an enhanced facility.
• The wider rugby community of Basingstoke and its surrounding areas by way of providing a facility that is equal to, if not better than, all other facilities within the County.
• The local community and network of parents, friends and neighbours who will benefit from the enhanced social offering provided by the club as a whole.
The evidence that the scheme is needed can be seen every weekend, particularly on Sundays when over 400 users place demands on the facilities that stretch them to breaking point – the hire of temporary storage facilities at the club is evidence that ‘a quart won’t fit in the pint pot’.

As previously mentioned, the existing facilities date back to the 1970’s, are extremely ‘tired’ and are expensive to run and maintain. The new facilities would resulting in significantly reduced running and energy costs. The club already makes a ‘sinking fund’ provision in its accounts for the upkeep of the existing facilities and this would continue to be the case.

The ideal ‘window’ in which to have the works carried out would be the Summer of 2019, ie in between the 2018/19 and 2019/20 playing seasons.

In summary we believe that people should vote for our project as there is;

1. A long overdue need - the existing facilities are over 40 years old, are completely outdated and are a hazard to health and safety.

2. The benefits would be immediate in that over 400 regular users of the facilities would notice an instant improvement.

3. The beneficiaries are predominantly children, boys and girls, aged 5-16 who would enjoy a much more modern environment in which to prepare for their rugby enjoyment.

4. In particular the girls and women's sections of the club would benefit from the provision of a safer and more segregated environment in which to enjoy their rugby, and thus satisfying and fuelling the growth in the ladies game that we are currently experiencing.

5. This season we are celebrating our 70th anniversary - the club has always operated on a 'not for profit' basis, and relied heavily upon the tireless efforts of our volunteers - as with the vast majority of community sports clubs any financial support is massively welcome and we are no different in that regard.

Basingstoke Rugby Football Club

Moment of Pride

Basingstoke RFC has been at the heart of the community in the town since 1948, we are currently celebrating our 70th anniversary. The support received in return from the local community outlined above has been overwhelming - funding for our project would be a massive 'thank you' to all concerned.

Location: Basingstoke