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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Par Track is the green heart of our community, and somewhere valued by everyone. It is a recreational facility covering more than 6 hectares, and it is used daily by athletes, footballers, walkers (including dog walkers), picnickers and many others. It is the place where people gather for our annual carnival fete, and for the Big Lunch (where the whole community are invited to eat together) that also takes place every year.

When there were concerns that the Council might sell the site for development, a community group got together to see what could be done to preserve it. As a result, our Community Benefit Society have just taken the site over from the Council on a 125-year lease. So it is saved. But it has run at a significant loss to the council for many years - and we don't have their resources. We have to make it pay its own way. And we are looking at all sorts of different means of achieving this.

One thing we cannot do is to pay contractors thousands of pounds a year to cut the grass for us. We can do this ourselves, and there are plenty of people who would be willing to help us. But we need the proper equipment if we are going to be able to keep everywhere in good condition and looking inviting for those who use it.

Our research tells us that what we need can be purchased for about £20,000. And we believe that we can get half of this from elsewhere. So £10,000 from the Aviva Fund would mean that we can get things up and running.

The community value our site, and since we took it over in June they have shown their support in many ways. We value them, and have been listening when they have told us of all the other things they would like to see us doing. We are determined to do all we can to provide them with somewhere that everyone can enjoy and be proud of. We need a little help to do that, and to make our services future-proof. Support for us now would be almost invaluable.

Par Track Limited

Moment of Pride

Our Board are all volunteers who came together to make sure that the future of Par Track as a community space was secure. We have worked tirelessly over many months to make it happen. We have done so with the enthusiastic support of our community. Community spirit is alive in Par!

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