Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


‘Scouting is a character factory.’

Not out words, but those of our lead volunteer, chief scout Bear Grylls. Every year we help in excess of 100 young people (ages 6+) in our beaver, cub, scout & explorer packs in the Wem, Shropshire area to enjoy new adventures; experience the outdoors; interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

1st Wem Scouts provide the classic scouting experience for the young people of Wem and the surrounding rural areas.

Scouting provides teamworking, social skills and interaction, teaches a sense of social responsibility, charity and service - and provides new experiences, skills and some adventure for our young members - that typically are not easily available individually.

Primarily we provide opportunity for our young residents to grow into more aware / rounded citizens, contributing to society with a collective social awareness & sense of duty. 1st Wem also fully participate in Wem civic events, such as Remembrance parades, National celebrations (eg Queen’s Birthday events), Wem carnival etc., along with hundreds of untold individual acts of kindness throughout the year.

We see that scouting helps today and assists – in a small way – in developing our citizens of the future.

The camping experience is one of the classic scouting experiences – and something in particular that is so much more rewarding as a group, rather than as an individual experience. It is one event where children spend time away from home, with their peers, learn a sense of team work and responsibility and get to enjoy outdoor time.

One where privilege or background have no influence.

Typically the camps provide environmental awareness, experience and appreciation too. Something very important for our planet's future.

We have been successful historically in raising funds for secure, high quality tenting and catering tents / hygiene factors for the scouts, and this year are aiming to raise enough money to purchase a trailer to take the equipment to and from camps. With the various groups involved, this can be upwards of 6 times per year.

We would be extremely grateful if we could secure part funding from Aviva to help reach the purchase cost of the trailer, which we have quotes for at £3,500.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

1st Wem Scouts

Moment of Pride

Scouting is run entirely by volunteers, who each week give hours and hours of their time to help young people gain life experiences, excitement and contribute to society. It's incredible to see the confidence, skills and awareness developing in the citizens of tomorrow!

Location: Wem