Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Wheatfield Primary School is a vibrant school in north Bristol who needs your votes for help!

We are applying for this grant to create a new outdoor Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in the grounds to allow the school and community to better utilise a run down field area prone to flooding, creating an all-weather surface for engaging physical play.

Wheatfield is a popular community school, home to 412 pupils in Bradley Stoke community (Bristol). The area houses 28,000 residents. Our school strongly believes in the advantages of physical education for children of all abilities and by providing suitable facilities, we can improve the lives of young people in our community.

The ‘Friends of Wheatfield Primary School’ is a registered charity (1149714) aiming to provide facilities - which might be unachievable through government funding - to enhance children’s education. Made up of a group of only 9 volunteer parents and assisted by teachers who dedicate their free time to arrange fundraising events.

A MUGA will replace a large condemned field area, giving the school all-weather surfacing, allowing children to maximise the benefits of outdoor play. The use of the pitch will encompasses all ages of children from reception to year 6.

This new facility is not just for the benefit of our pupils - we hope that it will become an asset to our local community as it will also be available for use by other groups who provide families with much needed support to parents and caregivers as well as after school and holiday clubs.

With one in 3 children obese/overweight when they leave primary school, there is a clear need to raise the profile of physical activity in schools. A new facility with multiple uses will enable us to satisfy a range of sporting demands which are all inclusive and provide children with the perfect space to compete and develop their Fundamental Movement Skills.

Physical activity and games improves brain functioning (the skills that help the brain to organise and act on information). As well as sports/team games being hugely fun, these skills are transferable to academic tasks and ultimately aid in instilling happy and healthy learning.

There is also strong evidence that outdoor physical activity can support our children whose social, emotional and communication skills are below national expectations – more and more children have these challenges. The therapeutic, visual and sensory stimulation of outdoor learning is essential for all children, but particularly our SEN and vulnerable children. This environment is liberating for those children who struggle in a structured classroom lesson.

Playing outdoors in a natural environment can also rapidly improve mental wellbeing and self-esteem. Studies worldwide have demonstrated the correlation between participation in outdoor activities and huge improvements in mental, psychological and emotional well-being. Children are becoming increasingly exposed to stressful environments; with noisy urban areas, flashing screens, social media and pressure in the classroom they are at a greater risk of anxiety, depression and self-harm.

The MUGA will enable us to double our small outdoor space where they can play all year around which will help bring childrens' stress down, reduce their cortisol levels and help us to increase our capacity to engage the children.

Without help from funding, we are unlikely to be able to provide this for this facility in the near future.

We depend on generosity for all of our endeavours and we hope that the wider community will recognise the much needed boost this will provide to a vast number of local children in the community.

The children are at the heart of all that we do to ensure they are happy and confident individuals. We are committed to provide facilities that contribute to the development of our children and many would benefit from this wonderful facility.

We would very much welcome your votes. Thank you.

Friends of Wheatfield Primary School

Moment of Pride

We are proud that this application supports our community through physical, mental health and general wellbeing for our children.

We are committed to providing a environment that positively enhances children's attitude towards fun and engaging physical activities.

Location: Bradley Stoke


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