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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


In 1973, Fromeside Gymnastics Club started as part of the Fromeside Youth Club in Winterbourne. In 1981, the gymnastics club went solo & became Fromeside Gymnastics Club. Fromeside is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (* CH 575). Our club provides an equal opportunity to anyone who wishes to participate in the sport of gymnastics, irrespective of ability or age. Fromeside Gymnastics prides itself on the ability to include all our members, their families, our community members young/old & local businesses into our Fromeside ‘family’. In 2014, Fromeside was named 'South Gloucestershire Club of the Year'.

Gymnastics improves overall fitness, strength, balance/body control. Gymnastics classes provide many cognitive & psychological benefits that will affect children & adults throughout their lives. These include discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, & dedication. The time required to master fundamental gymnastics skills requires patience, dedication/perseverance, providing improved mental focus & concentration. Gymnastics teaches discipline, control, & goal setting. It helps with health and well-being & offers an alternative to the boys & girls who do not access or are not suited to the well funded mainstream sports.

Fromeside has approximately 600+ members & offers classes from preschool, to OAP fitness & disability gymnastics. We successfully run classes for recreational beginners through to a highly successful competition level of Women's & Men's Artistic Gymnastics. Our gymnasts compete at the highest levels in the sport & are recognised in County, National & International arenas. Fromeside, currently has members in the Welsh Development & National Squad & is home to the 2017 U-14’s British pommel Champion. We also have numerous Regional squad members.

Fromeside hosts various community groups. Currently, a cheerleading group, & a circus-media group practice in the gym. We also have outside groups who use the facility as a meeting space. This includes British Gymnastics who hold coaching/mentoring courses. Our club has a Young Leaders program which enables our older gymnasts to explore coaching & judging. Our parents/carers also have the chance to take coaching/judging courses sponsored by British Gymnastics. The club holds social events each year to ensure we continue to boost social interaction within our community.

Our Preschool programs enable carers/parents & their children to participate in fun gymnastics based sessions. These sessions enable children to play & explore on our soft play equipment or climb, crawl, jump or roll in other areas of the gym. Our Recreational program is for school age children to teens. Our programs provide a valuable forum for not only the children to form friendships, but also for parents/carers to have the same opportunity to meet like minded friends.

Fromeside’s over ‘50’s’ class use a movement to music exercise program. We also have a Disability gymnastics group for children/teens. Both of these programs help improve posture, balance & coordination. The exercises and gym work helps increase mobility & muscle tone as well as helps to stimulate the health of their body & mind. These classes also give our members a forum in which they can make new friends & have fun at Fromeside. Most of our children/parents/carers continue participating in Fromeside for many years to come.

Fromeside Gymnastics Club prides itself on providing a safe environment. Since we cater for different ages, levels of ability & usage, it’s important for us to explore every equipment option. Fromeside runs successful club fundraisers, but since our equipment is specialised & very expensive, at times we need to apply for grant funding. If we are successful with the Aviva Community Fund Appeal the funding would enable Fromeside Gymnastics Club to purchase a much needed gymnastics Resi Pit system. This can be used by the entire club & will provide guaranteed safer landings for all.

Fromeside Gymnastics Club

Moment of Pride

Fromeside Gymnastics is a very community minded,and safe gym which has become a caring and supportive 'family' to all it's members. I'm proud to be a part of projects, like the purchase of the Resi Pit, which ensure we can continue to provide a safe environment for club members of all abilities.

Location: Winterbourne