Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Community Furniture Aid is a unique community based charity based in the heart of the South Wales valleys, We are a grass roots organisation that directly supports those affected by "hidden poverty" run by unpaid volunteers we help families & individuals move on from homelessness by providing them with a low cost pack to fully furnish empty accommodation offered to clients as they move on from shelters. Often once people are no longer rough sleeping or in shelters they are forgotten .
In the 21st century it is shameful that we find children sleeping on concrete floors or in piles of clothing as they do not have a bed or clean bedding, that older people sit on a garden chair in a cold empty flat as they have no family to support them We see weekly examples of extreme poverty that would shock the general public.
Community Furniture Aid hand pick all the items needed when you are starting over from scratch. We offer everything From beds & bedding to living room & kitchen items & toys for the children we do this for a nominal cost that covers our basic running costs.
Local authority are among over 30 agencies who direct clients in need directly to our service. We completely furnish 100 homes a year making over 400 collections & assisting over 800 individuals from all walks of life. We assist families with children, older people those leaving foster care , armed services or suffering from drug or mental health & domestic abuse .
We focus helping people who are too poor to purchase from a charity shop who are often the most vulnerable. Many of our volunteers are long term unemployed & disabled and we have a policy of inclusion.
Demand for our service within Bridgend County Borough & surrounding areas has grown to such an extent .
Community furniture Aid desperately need a larger reliable van that can cope with the huge quantity of furniture & household items we move on a weekly basis. To put into context if you can imagine moving house almost every day you can see the sheer quantity that is collected then stored and ultimately delivered to those referred to us . We rely on public support to receive the donated items we sort clean & pass onto those in need.
At present it takes us multiple runs in a small van or we have to hire a van which is a burden on our limited charity resources.
We are seeking funds to purchase a large Van we also wish to have funds to insure & cover running costs & breakdown cover for 24 months. We have a proven track record and we are able to show the month on month increase in demand for our service.
If we are successful we can also recruit more volunteers & offer training & support to those who join us. Many who volunteer with us go on to paid employment with new skills & self confidence.

We are soon moving on to having a second base in the next Valley in Measteg within a Church where we will have a shared space in their hall to keep about 2 houses worth of furniture for a nominal peppercorn rent this will expand our reach across the South Wales area. This will allow us to set up a second team based in that area with new volunteers from the neighbourhood. Having 2 teams on the road with a new van will greatly improve our chances of being able to reach more people and when we do house clearances the 2 teams can come together to get jobs done more quickly. This is a big step for us to take but we have reached the point where we need to grow.

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Community Furniture Aid

Moment of Pride

This is a wonderful organisation to be involved with as you are seeing the process from the start to end. We have the client contact us in a state of distress at a very low point in need of support and we know that at Community furniture Aid we are in a position to help. We change lives for people.

Location: Bridgend county borough, UK