Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Good nutrition is vital for athletes at all stages of their development. As a small but growing sports club with 200 members, we would like to organise some nutrition workshops from a qualified sports nutritionist for all our swimmers and their parents.

The aim of these sessions would be to teach children and young people (and their parents) what they should be eating in order to maintain a healthy body and weight while training and how nutrition can play a very important role in sports performance. We hope these sessions will give the children and young people a lifelong lesson in making the right choices when it comes to eating healthily. We hope these lessons will filter through the community when their friends and family see these children make good food choices.

We anticipate these workshops would be tailored for the different swim squads. In the younger and less experienced squads, the focus would be on making good choices when choosing snacks, what food to eat before and after training and to bring to a gala. For the more experienced and older swimmers, the sessions would include food to maximise performance and what to eat to recover after a tough training session.

Alongside nutrition, we would also like to start introducing our young swimmers to strength and conditioning exercises.

Strength and conditioning work outside of pool time is crucial for swimmers and this is an area that is lacking in the club. As a small club, we cannot afford to have a full time strength and conditioning coach so we're looking for funding to enable us to bring in some expertise to conduct some strength and conditioning workshops for our swimmers and coaches. This means our coaches learn alongside our swimmers.

These sessions would be tailored for the different ages and stages of development in the club and would provide the children and young people with exercises that they could continue to do once the sessions finished.

As a club situated in a working class area in Belfast, we try and keep our fees low to ensure that our sessions are affordable. Our current fee does not provide enough revenue to pay for these additional sessions that would really help to support the development of the swimmers.

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Our vision is to be a fully inclusive club with a goal to help swimmers of all ages and abilities reach their full potential while developing a life-long love of the sport. We couldn't achieve this without the support and commitment of our fantastic swimmers and their parents.

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