Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The outwards bounds project includes four annual trips which are
May 100 Mile Canoe Training at Hindleap Warren.
May 100 Mile Canoe Test
July/August Annual Summer Camp
September / October Sailing Trip
The outward bounds project is to support and enable the development of young people, through a structured programme of activities, over the course of a year. The program offers the young people opportunities for growth, through which they can develop, life skills, confidence, self-esteem, team work, respect, consideration for each other and accepting responsibilities.
Through participation in the youth club programme, including the outward bounds activities, members have found a purpose in their lives outside of school and home. Many of our members are from low income families where extra-curricular activities are not always easily available to them. The Downside Fisher Youth Club provides a haven whereby, the members can feel a sense of belonging, in addition, they can explore the opportunity to feel part of a community. Furthermore, the outward bounds trips attract members, because it allows them to experience life outside of London and create a sense of adventure. This can have a positive influence on young peoples lives by widening their horizons and providing access to new opportunities; steering the young people towards education, training and employment.
People should support our project because it enables the development of young people, in order that they may realise the full potential in shaping their own lives. Therefore, we feel this grant will greatly enhance the opportunities of many of the young people and provide them with the life skills that will help them to work effectively in groups and take a responsible role in their community.

Downside Fisher Youth Club

Moment of Pride

Our staff team feel extremely proud of all the young people who rise to the challenges that they endure on these trips. The fortitude and mental strength demonstrated by all participants helps to build resilience, confidence and community spirit.

Location: United Kingdom