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Little Village is like a foodbank, but for clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of 5. We have three branches across inner London, where the child poverty rate if 43% - that’s 20 points higher than the rest of the country. All our donations are gifts, passed on with love, and our mission is to make it as easy as possible for families to help one another.

Green Dreams is about reducing landfill at the same time as alleviating material poverty. We want to save crucial and expensive items – 250 cots and buggies – from landfill, so we can give them out in great shape to the families who visit us.

This matters. 46% of the families we see don’t have a safe place for their babies to sleep – here on our doorstep, in one of the world’s wealthiest cities. We hear stories of babies sleeping in broken cots, and on towels and sofa cushions.

We want to stop this from happening, and we know we can. In 2018, we have already gifted on nearly 400 cots, donated by local families whose kids no longer need them.

But the truth is, it’s not easy to give out these items. They cost money to store, and often they arrive with a few screws missing. We need to buy new mattresses for them as there is a link between second hand mattresses and cot death. Based on what we spent last year, we need about £25 per cot to revive these items and get them out to the families who need them.

Last year we asked Aviva supporters to help us to ensure another 250 children slept safely across inner London. We’ve already exceeded that and in 2018 we’ve given 386 children a comfortable bed to sleep in. Please vote for us again this year so that we can continue this vital work, reducing landfill as well as alleviating material poverty.

About Little Village

Little Village now has three branches in Wandsworth, Camden and Southwark. Since we sent out our first referral in April 2016, we’ve helped over 1950 families, gifting on great quality donated items worth over £1 million. We work with a network of health visitors, midwives, children’s centres and charities in each of the areas in which we operate to identify the families most in need of our support.

We deal with people in desperate circumstances – mums rationing nappies because they can’t pay for the next pack; newborns living in rat-infested properties; pregnant women escaping violence with nothing to their name. Half of the families we support are homeless or in temporary accommodation. 1 in 3 families don’t have any access to public funds like benefits. Just under half are single parents, and 1 in 5 are refugees or asylum seekers.

Our work is powered by an incredible network of dedicated volunteers, who we train in safeguarding, listening and mentoring skills. Many of those volunteers are women who are at home with children and want to find a way of giving back to their local community. We are so fortunate to be able to draw on their skills and talents to support other parents who are struggling.

What some of our partners say about us:

‘Thank you for helping us to give our children the start in life they deserve’ – Parent we’ve supported
“I love the direct link between my children and someone else’s living nearby. It doesn’t feel like charity, it feels like gift giving.” - Donor
“Your service really cannot be faulted” - Referral partner
‘The feeling and help these women give me, I didn’t feel that power and support for a long while’

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Little Village

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Our dream is that no child in the capital is without the items they need to thrive, and that every parent can play a part in achieving that goal. We offer an effective, practical way for families to reduce waste, at the same time as supporting other local families who are struggling.

Location: London