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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Halfway Community Council (HCC) envisages the transformation of Halfway Park from a basic and unplanned open space with a few rudimentary leisure elements to a safe, accessible, inclusive, open and welcoming modern leisure park commensurate with a diverse and expanding population in excess of c. 20,000 residents.
As part of this vision one area of particular concern is the children's play park. We identified this as one of our short term aims (i.e. within 2 years):
• Enhance Children’s Play Park Elements with a safe boundary around play park.

The aim is to provide a safe play environment, encouraging all age groups to engage with the outdoor space.

HCC conducted a Halfway Park Public Interest Survey with 390 members of the local community and introducing a safe boundary fence around the childrens' play park ranked the highest priority.
Our local charity partner "Healthy 'n' Happy" also conducted a community survey with 225 survey participants and also identified a priority to build a fence around existing swing park to increase the safety of children playing in it.

Qualitative and quantitative data from the survey support the need for this fence:-

• Please rank the following elements in order of your preference - 1st to 9th.
1st - Introduce a safe boundary fence around the childrens play park and around the park perimeter
where it opens out to busy roads - 45%
• For me the most important things are making sure there is not glass covering the pathways and
fencing off the children's' play park to ensure it is free from dogs (and dog dirt).
• A fence around the play area is essential. There is dog faeces everywhere.
• It would be ideal for the play park to have a fence around it to keep dogs out to keep this area clean and
safe from dogs.
• A fence would help keep dogs out, as I have often seen irresponsible dog owners allow their dogs into the
play area with no lead.

Healthy 'n' Happy's Survey - Future Action for Children & Young People in relation to Environment & Outdoor Spaces - identified the following priority for the community:-.
• Fence around existing swing park to increase safety of children playing in it.

We envisage that enhancing the play park would encourage many age groups of the community from young parents through to grandparents and local childcare providers to use the park more often as indicated by the cross section of ages within both surveys. HCC Survey:-
Q1 What age range do you fall into?
51 (13%) Under 16 years
17 (4%) 16-24 years
57 (15%)25-34 years
124(32%)35-44 years
83 (21%)45-54 years
40 (10%) 55-64 years
17 (4%) 65-74 years
0 (0%) 75 years or more

We have held discussions with our local authority - South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) who are unable to fund this fence and the other improvements we are looking for within the park however they have engaged and offered to plan and project manage the fence build from start to finish. SLC would then take ownership of the fence as one of their assets and ensure it was properly maintained in the future. All we need to do is attract the funds needed to build the boundary fence.
Halfway Park sits within the centre of the Cambuslang East Ward which has increased in population from about 9000 to 20,000 residents in the last 10 years. There are an estimated 2000+ family homes planned, many under construction now. Several local play areas were demolished without replacement prior to rapid housing and primary Schools expansion. The Ward has little green space & there has been minimal investment in the community.
It is anticipated that the successful regeneration of Halfway Park will enhance the local environment & create a safe, clean and well-designed and inspirational play space for local children and reduce isolation for carers. Cambuslang East has disproportionate levels of multiple deprivations.38.1% of its area falls within the 20% most deprived communities across SLC

Halfway Community Council

Moment of Pride

As a group of volunteers we're proud that we've listened to and worked with a number of local residents on the state of the children’s park & then engaged with the wider local community, community groups, the press, community police, elected councillors & SLC to establish a real need for this fence.

Location: Cambuslang