Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Green Stars is a volunteer led youth group based in North London, we have over 60 young people aged from 8-21 accessing the different services we offer. We provide different activities to meet the demanding needs of the young people in our local community including youth club for our younger members, a football club, a cycling group and monthly youth night for older youth. We have previously run summer camps for our members.
Our services whatever shape in comes in have 3 commons goals, we Empower, Encourage and Inspire the next generation.
The Green Stars family is made up of our lovely members, committed volunteers and passionate Young Leaders.
Part of our services is we also train young people, past members of the youth club, to become Young Leaders; they are a crucial part of our service. Our Young Leaders scheme offer the opportunity to develop vital skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and organisation skills- skills that contribute to our community The project also equips our young people with the different abilities to succeed in other areas of their growth and development whether that is employment or education.
We are a volunteer led project and all our staff, except one, are volunteers and young leaders. Our volunteers balance their work and personal life to dedicate hours week after week for the benefit of the young people in the community. We are growing every week with new members to a point where we cannot cater for the large number and are in position of turning young people away who are desperately in need of services like ours. The alternative options are either too costly for families to afford or for young people to loiter in public places which has its own potential risks.
With the money raised we want to be able to invest more in our volunteers; both existing volunteers and recruiting new people. The funds will help train volunteers and cover expenses such as travel- we will also use the funds to invest in new equipment needed for our different services. Our Young Leaders are dedicated to Green Stars at such a young age and we need to be in position where we can offer the training, the investment they need so not only do they excel in their futures but can contribute to the wellbeing and the future of the youth in their community.
Our Young Leaders have developed excellent, well researched lesson plans for workshops, trips and sessions – however we have unable to deliver them due to lack of expenses.
If we are successful in securing the funds from Aviva we will be able to achieve the following main objectives;
- Training Our Dedicated Volunteers
- Recruiting New Volunteers
- Investing in our Young Leaders Programme
- Buying essential resources to deliver specific workshops developed by our team of Young Leaders
- Buying equipment- sports, crafts etc
If these objectives are meet than we can deliver the following aims;
- Have trained staff to deliver our demanding services and accept new members
- Contribute to a safer community
- To continue to provide a safe, fun and exciting place for young people to come
- To equip 16-21 year olds with skills that will benefit their futures

We and the families of our members can see what a positive impact Green Stars has made on the young people who use our services. Our team, our family of volunteers and young leaders are desperate and passionate to continue to provide this but need the investment in their skills to ensure they keep proving a service that makes a difference to our young people. Investing in our volunteers and young leaders to provide a service for our young people, will never be a waste of money or resources as young people are our future.

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Moment of Pride

The enthusiasm of our members, the feedback from parents and the commitment and dedication of our volunteers and young leaders is all the factors that make me so proud of this project. We have recently been rewarded a certificate of recognition from The Faith and Community Awards.

Location: Palmers Green, London, UK